The dos and don'ts for sports teams using SMS Landing Pages [Infographic]

Topic: Sports

From boosting ticket and merchandise sales to providing discounts on food and drink, SMS Landing Pages are a fantastic way for sports teams to communicate with fans. Here are our top tips for using SMS Landing Pages in the sports sector.

SMS Landing Pages are now seen as one of the best ways for sports teams to send richer, more engaging communications to fans. Whether it be boosting ticket sales, sending discount codes, selling more merchandise or even providing travel links for away matches, SMS Landing Pages take all the best parts of SMS (like 95% open rates) and take it one step further by adding rich images and interactive buttons.
But how can sports teams use them in a way that makes fans desperate to buy a ticket or use a discount code at the food vendors? We’ve put together this helpful infographic which explains all of the dos and don’ts of the platform, which we think will get sports teams the best results.

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