SMS solutions for retail

Improve engagement and drive sales with the power of SMS

With years of experience working in the retail sector, Esendex is your trusted partner for customer communications. Our SMS solutions for retail help you to deliver outstanding experiences in a competitive market – from rich (RCS) messages that create a buzz around new products, to two-way customer service interactions.

Trusted by leading retail brands to deliver powerful SMS communications

Esendex helps retailers stay ahead of the competition with personalised SMS that reaches customers directly. In this fast-paced sector, automated SMS is the perfect way to let people know about time-limited sales and exclusive product launches, helping to maximise revenue and loyalty. An average open rate of 98%, and the fact that messages are read in minutes, means brands can get the best ROI from their marketing and sales strategies.

Stop customers in their tracks

Stand out with personalised communications that instantly grab – and hold – attention.

Get direct feedback

 Build brand loyalty with SMS surveys to get up-to-the-minute feedback on everything from products to customer service.

Simplify aftercare and returns

Save time and costs by empowering customers to find information and manage returns.

Create lasting brand engagement and increase revenue

High open rates and near-universal mobile phone ownership makes SMS one of the most effective promotional tools for offers, birthday messages, VIP and membership programmes, product previews, and alerts about stock availability. 

Using the Esendex platform, customers can be easily segmented so messages are ultra-targeted and actionable.

Save time and improve customer experience

SMS enables two-way conversations between customers and retailers. Fast and convenient, customers save time that would otherwise be spent waiting in long call queues, while businesses can control their contact centre costs.

Meet customers where they are

As well as SMS, the Esendex platform also supports WhatsApp and email – so retailers can deliver a consistent customer experience, no matter what channel they choose to engage with.

Seamless integration with business software

Esendex seamlessly connects with your business software, including CRM, to help teams manage the entire customer journey. We offer one API for SMS, WhatsApp and RCS messages to reduce complexity, maximise efficiency and productivity, and scale with your business. 

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Expert support from our specialists

Our SMS for retail experts are on hand to help you get the most from our platform or API. As well as our regularly-updated product resources, our friendly support also comes for free.

Let’s start sending, together.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform.

Customer story

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Launching a robust click-and-collect system powered by SMS automations

Discover how Capgemini used Esendex to combine email and SMS into an easy-to-use, informative, and time saving click-and-collect service.

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