SMS solutions for the travel industry

Drive bookings, improve customer experience and keep customers informed

With years of experience working with travel and tourism providers, Esendex is your trusted partner for customer communications. Our SMS solutions are designed for airlines, hotels and travel agencies – helping you to transform traveller experience and attract more bookings.

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Esendex helps travel businesses mitigate the impact of flight delays, cancellations and busy front-desks with fast communications that keep customers up-to-date.

Our SMS solutions help to drive new and repeat business by enabling travel brands to send out promotions, deliver a personalised service and offer fast customer support. With unbeatable open rates of up to 98%, travel brands can share important information like changes to flight times and reduce late arrivals with booking reminders and confirmations.

Improve customer experience

Stand out in a competitive market with personalised SMS that communicates time-sensitive deals and enables fast customer support.

Keep travellers informed with SMS

Boost satisfaction and keep customers informed, with critical information about delays or changes to flight schedules, or add value with weather and destination details.

Get quick and valuable feedback

Improve your service with SMS surveys. Collect immediate customer service feedback, gather valuable insights and encourage positive on site reviews.

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Keep customers informed and build brand loyalty

Keep customers informed with key updates about their journey, from check in updates to booking confirmations.

Build customer loyalty and stand out from competitors by sharing exclusive offers and deals through SMS.

Our SMS chat feature, which includes two-way conversation, can be used to answer any customer queries quickly, freeing up staff to handle more complex enquiries.

Connect with customers using their chosen channel

Customers value choice and convenience, so impress them by communicating on their preferred channel. Send personalised texts directly to their mobile with SMS and provide a seamless customer experience with SMS landing pages.

Esendex also supports WhatsApp and email, so you can meet customers wherever they are.

Unlock the power of SMS for your travel business.

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SMS solutions with security built in

As a travel brand, you’re collecting sensitive data like payment, passport and contact details as well as health information. At Esendex, we take security seriously which is why we are certified to the highest security standards – including ISO27001 and FSQS accreditations.

Security is built into our product which is also GDPR compliant, helping to protect your customers’ data. We also support verified sender ID to help combat fraud and provide peace-of-mind when customers receive texts.

Get set up in minutes

Whether you work for a hotel chain, travel agency or airline, SMS solutions can be set up quickly without the need for IT support. Staff can continue with day-to-day operations without disruption.

Choose from existing templates and securely upload customer data to create SMS for everything – from booking confirmations and links to boarding passes, to check-out reminders.

Integrate with our SMS API or use our online SMS platform.

Cost-effective marketing that makes an impact

SMS is one of the most effective marketing tools with an open rate of 98% and high engagement rates. Most people have their mobile close at hand and a tempting deal can quickly convert to a booking.

You can also reduce your marketing ROI with texts sent for as little as 2.2p.

Customer success stories

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Find out how British Airways Holidays used SMS Landing Pages to send more engaging and informative service disruption communications to passengers.

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