IVR and Outbound Voice solutions

Many businesses are experiencing higher call volumes because of the pandemic, leading to longer wait times and frustrated customers. An effective IVR system can help customers self-serve, and route calls intelligently to remove bottlenecks. 

Man talking on mobile phone, with voice message bubbles overlaid e.g. 'Press 1 to make a payment'

Voice for contact centres, payment services, and marketing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Esendex’s fully customisable IVR system gives your customers the power to direct conversations in the way they want. From intelligent call routing to secure payment collection, IVR remains as relevant and versatile as ever.

Voice Broadcasting

Use pre-recorded Voice messages to engage your customers and get your message heard. This works really well if the person recording the message is well-known, such as the star player in your team “calling” all of your supporters.



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51% of consumers will abandon their call because of a poorly designed IVR system – costing companies an average of £203 for each customer (source).


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80% of companies think they’re delivering superior customer service; only 8% of their customers agree (source). How you handle inbound calls is a key part of your customer experience.

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