Communication tools for recruiters

Increase engagement and improve your communications with job seekers and customers.

In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, recruitment agencies should look to implement digital tools like SMS in order to have more engaging interactions with candidates.

Top talent won’t stay on the market for long so it’s up to recruiters to make sure they send the right communications quickly and in an effective way.

In fact, 73% of job seekers prefer to receive targeted job opportunities via text, and 89% think mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunting process.

The continued increase in smartphone numbers provides recruitment agencies with the opportunity to address these desires.

How can Esendex’s products help recruitment agencies?

We have a variety of digital solutions which can engage job seekers and offer candidates a mobile first experience while looking for employment.

SMS for recruiters

SMS makes it easy to send job alerts to applicants as well as finding suitable positions and shifts for locum workers. If you need to fill a space quickly, nothing has the same reach as SMS and with Esendex’s direct network connections we commit to 90% of your messages being sent within 5 seconds.

Ensure that candidates arrive in time for job interviews by sending helpful text reminders prior to the interview. Also take this opportunity to provide any pointers and preparation that might be needed for the interview.

SMS offers a descreet way for candidates to get in touch and reply to messages if they are currently employed and looking for work elsewhere.

SMS Landing Pages

By combining an SMS job alert with a landing page, recruiters are able to send more detailed information regarding the job with clear call-to-action buttons that make enquiring easier for the candidate.

If you find that 160 characters is never enough to write a compelling customer message than a landing page could be the answer. You can fully brand it to match your agency’s brand colours and include images such as your logo to provide a richer experience.


  • Write longer more detailed messages
  • Drive actions with CTA buttons
  • Link to other apps (Calendar, Maps, platforms)

Customer surveys

Collecting feedback is fundamental to making improvements and perfecting customer service and there is no simpler way to complete a survey than by text message.

An SMS Survey is the quickest way to find out how a job interview was received which is beneficial not only to the recruiting agency but their customer too. After a succesful placement, a survey can be scheduled after the hire’s first month to find out how the recruitment process was received as a whole.


  • Measure your agency’s performance
  • Higher response rate than email surveys
  • Data cleansing for active job seekers

RCS Messaging

The future of SMS is RCS Messaging, offering similar features to OTT apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. With RCS, recruitment agencies are able to offer a rich messaging experience with the ability to send images, rich cards, carousels and more all within the users messaging app.

Set up branded, automatied interactions with job seekers, using tools like buttons to streamline conversations which can always be extended to chat directly with a member of your team for further clarifications.


  • Versatile messaging from one app
  • Rich messaging experience
  • Discreet communications

Law Staff Legal Recruitment and Esendex

SMS Landing Pages have helped Law Staff Recruitment increase their referral traffic to 45%, making it the most prominant channel for web traffic. See how these detailed job alerts have sparked interest with job seekers.

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