SMS solutions for recruitment agencies

Engage candidates and clients with powerful SMS

Match candidates to suitable roles with Esendex’s SMS solutions that enable you to send new job alerts, arrange interviews and keep applicants updated. SMS for recruiters can streamline the recruitment process, and ensure the right clients are placed in the right roles.

In a competitive job market, timely and effective communication with clients and candidates is the key to standing out. Esendex connects recruiters with powerful SMS solutions that improve the candidate and client experience and boost placement rates. From interview confirmation to outreach and updates, automated SMS can save recruiters valuable time and keep candidates engaged.

Connect with candidates

Contact talented applicants and stay in touch with hiring organsations with direct to mobile SMS.

Drive applications to niche roles

Reach sought-after candidates with the right skills and experience before your competitors find them.

Increase interview attendance

Reduce interview no-shows with targeted and real-time SMS reminders and confirmations.

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Seamless integration with HR and recruitment tools

Esendex can be set up in minutes with zero disruption or IT support needed.

Our online SMS platform seamlessly connects with existing software so you can start contacting candidates with personalised communications that are sure to engage.

Or connect with our SMS API and start sending using your existing software.

Automate time-consuming recruitment tasks

Save time with SMS automations for interview confirmations, outreach, status updates or new vacancy notifications.

Free up time to focus on value-added tasks, and build real relationships with candidates and clients. SMS surveys can also provide key insights to improve the hiring process and candidate experience.

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Streamline recruitment communication with SMS.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform for recruiters.

Reach candidates where they prefer

Improve engagement rates by reaching out to candidates on their preferred channels. SMS provides a direct line to candidates and has an open rate of up to 98% so you can be confident your message will be seen.

Our platform also supports email, RCS and WhatsApp, making it easier for you to communicate with candidates on their terms.

Security and compliance built in

Recruiters collect sensitive information like contact details and information about demographics and disabilities, so security is critical. Esendex is ISO27001 and FSQS accredited giving you the peace of mind you need that your candidates’ personal data is safe.

Compliant with laws like GDPR, recruitment agencies can rest assured they are adhering to all necessary regulations.

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Boost candidate satisfaction and win the talent war

With its high engagement rates, cost-effectiveness and reach, maximise the number of candidates who see your job notifications or receive interview offers, and stand out from your competitors.

Two-way conversation via SMS chat enables you to quickly respond to candidates questions – helping to drive satisfaction and recommendations.

Customer success stories

Driving 45% of candidate referrals through SMS campaigns

Discover how Law Staff Legal Recruitment gave their recruitment campaigns a significant boost with Esendex’s SMS campaign and landing page creation service.

Let’s start sending, together.

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