SMS solutions for ecommerce businesses

Customer communications that drive online sales and brand loyalty

Deliver an unbeatable service with SMS solutions that cover everything from automated checkout reminders and new stock notifications, to the latest promotions and time-sensitive deals. Esendex supports channels including SMS, email and WhatsApp to increase engagement and reach.

Trusted by leading ecommerce businesses to deliver powerful SMS communications

Esendex helps ecommerce businesses beat fierce online competition and deliver on high customer expectations with quick and timely mobile communications.

Personalised for maximum impact, show customers you value them to foster loyalty and drive repeat business. With an open rate nearing 100% and wide or targeted reach, you can capture people’s attention in seconds.


Grab customer attention

Build loyalty and demand attention with personalised SMS that reaches customers directly.

Collect instant feedback

Exceed customer expectations with SMS surveys that offer direct feedback on everything from your website to delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

Aftercare and returns

  Empower customers to manage returns or queries with quick self-serve options and follow up post purchase.

text message on a phone that says "Hi Claire, great news, an item you have on your wish list is now in our SUMMER SALE!"

Increase sales and engagement

Impress customers with automated birthday messages, stock notifications, exclusive deals and VIP programmes that feed your bottom line. With Esendex, it’s easy to personalise messages and target specific groups of customers for hyper-relevance.

Our platform also enables two-way conversation with SMS Chat and WhatsApp, so you can respond quickly to customer queries and collect feedback to use as reviews.

Impactful marketing and reduced overheads

Cut your marketing spend with promotional texts sent for as little as 2.2p which are almost guaranteed to be read, from welcoming someone to a loyalty scheme to Black Friday sale codes.

With its almost universal reach, SMS is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use to gain serious competitive advantage.

sms example with a vip discount code

Improve engagement by offering choice

Drive action by meeting customers on their preferred channels.

Esendex supports SMS, WhatsApp or email so you can offer customers choice and convenience to provide a seamless customer experience.

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Get set up in minutes

Esendex integrates seamlessly with your existing software without any need for IT support. You can minimise disruption and start messaging almost instantly to upgrade your customer experience and increase sales.

Get started with our online platform or integrate with our SMS API.

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Keep customer data safe

Collecting customer data is critical for online businesses to operate and grow – but there’s also security and compliance to consider. We are ISO27001 and FSQS accredited, and comply with data protection laws including GDPR.

Customer success stories

Ocado logo
Delivery reminders by SMS – Ocado’s success story

Ocado are the world’s largest online grocer. Find out how Esendex helped them enjoy better communications with their customers and employees.

Our top tips on how to provide a great ecommerce experience and simultaneously reduce customer service costs.

All of our templates contain a powerful call-to-action, avoid the use of common SMS spam words – and are optimised for delivery.

In this guide we explore what RCS is, how it differs from SMS, and the benefits of each for businesses.

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