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From SMS and WhatsApp to multi-channel mobile journeys, Esendex helps you deliver business messaging that puts the power in your customers’ hands. Create conversation and true engagement with customer-led communications.

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Payments & Collections

Ethical debt collection has never been more important; to stay afloat, companies need to get paid, but many customers are vulnerable and need an individual approach. Our award winning Mobile Collections platform helps you strike the right balance.


Omnichannel Customer Service

Customers want to communicate with brands on their preferred channels: WhatsApp, SMS, RCS. And brands want to be able to manage all of their customer interactions in one place. Our omnichannel chat platform can help.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer feedback is essential to ensuring that you retain customers and develop your products / services in a way that builds loyalty to your business. Mobile-first strategies solicit significantly more feedback – helping you make better decisions.


Customer Notifications & Reminders

You can reduce the cost of missed appointments, increase customer loyalty, and lower your service costs by implementing a mobile-first customer notification programme. Options range from simple but effective SMS to two-way rich communication.


Internal Communications

From taking the effort and expense out of staff rostering, to measuring employee engagement, a mobile-first approach to internal communication delivers greater response rates than email or phone calls.


Software Partners / Integrations

The easiest way to build mobile messaging into your communication strategy is to integrate our services with your existing software applications. We specialise in connecting with legacy software platforms and have over 1,000 existing API integrations.

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Products for a range of use cases

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Esendex offers the most reliable and secure business SMS solutions available, delivered via our easy to use platform, email-to-SMS, or our feature-rich API.

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Rich Messaging

Rich messaging is next-gen SMS. Platforms like RCS and WhatsApp create richer, more interactive conversations between a brand and its customers.

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Connect with your customers using our intelligent Call Menu and Routing system, payment-enabled IVRs and outbound Voice solutions.

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Mobile & Web

Capture and engage customers & staff anytime, anywhere. Promote products, gather feedback, take payments and more, all via mobile.

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Transactional Email

Managed email service which works well as part of a multichannel communication strategy. Includes dynamic PDF attachments.


Managed Services

We work across multiple channels and integrate with most software packages. We build solutions that meet all of your needs, quickly and affordably.

Mobile Messaging in your Industry

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Case studies


Increasing final debt payment from 4% to 19% for utility provider npower

npower’s criteria for friendly, fair and non-intrusive customer contact, coupled with Esendex’s experience in delivering mobile-first collection strategies, has delivered excellent results.

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Promoting responsible lending for Crownsavers Credit Union

Crownsavers wanted to reach customers at a time where people often over-spend – around Christmas – to encourage responsible borrowing. They utilised Esendex’s rich messaging platform to build trust and improve engagement.


Collecting three times more patient data with Mobile Journeys

Healthcare provider HealthHarmonie wanted a more effective way to gain customer feedback so that they could improve the service they provide to patients. A combination of SMS and a bespoke mobile journey delivered results.

Photograph of female doctor with patient and stethoscope
Photographs showing Vaillant boiler and smart meter


Increasing customer engagement from 2% to 40% for heating solutions provider Vaillant

Vaillant wanted to reduce their reliance on costly and ineffective printed letters and phone calls, and increase their two-way interaction with customers. Here’s what rich messaging delivered.

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Why choose Esendex

Join the trusted European leader in business communications.
ISO 27001
registered firm

Security is important to us and protecting our customers’ data is paramount.

5 star reviews

We’re rated ‘Excellent’ for our service and support.

Easy integration with your software

With sample code, documentation and hints and tips, you can be sending via our API in no time.

Easy to use web platform

Send and receive SMS online and transform the way your business communicates.

Real-time communication with our API

We commit to 90% of your messages being processed within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.

Multichannel capabilities

Combine our Voice, SMS, Email, Mobile & Web products to build the perfect solution for your business.

Detailed reporting capabilities

Analyse the results you receive and discover how to get better responses and feedback.

Unlimited technical support

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customer Reviews

I’ve worked with Esendex in the last 3 companies I’ve been employed in. Each company had different requirements and set ups and Esendex were able to accommodate their needs in all three.

Always get a prompt response from the team. Always willing to help. The platforms are very user friendly.


Esendex are a brilliant company to work with. We have utilised their services for over 6 years. Within this time they have been more than helpful. They have recently developed a bespoke mobile journey for our contractors to use.

Esendex and the team are an invaluable resource to our company. We would not have any hesitations recommending them.


Used Esendex now for about 6 years and they have always given my company excellent service, may it always continue.

I have recommended to at least 10 companies and some have taken up and continue to use the service.


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