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Even beyond legal requirements, for educators to successfully bridge the gap between school and home, they must be able to engage with parents or guardians, as well as their students. Esendex can help educators implement effective, automated communications that help to achieve this.

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Efficient, convenient emergency notifications

In a situation such as a school closure or schedule change, it’s vital parents and students are notified immediately. As SMS has an average response time of 90 seconds, it’s ideal for time sensitive messages.


Building better relationships with parents and guardians

82% of parents want schools to communicate more by harnessing the power of technology, digitised messaging could really help educators boost engagement and build better relationships.


Boosting and monitoring student satisfaction

Maintaining and improving student satisfaction is essential for educators. With SMS surveys, organisations can increase student feedback via a convenient channel which is both efficient and cost-effective.

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Text messages boast an average open rate of 95%, which is even more impressive considering the average for email is just 20.9%.


Of all text messages are read within just 3 minutes. Making SMS the ideal channel for time sensitive updates.

90 seconds

The average user response time to a received SMS is just 90 seconds.

8 – 32%

SMS messages benefit from an average click through rate of between 8 – 32%.


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Clients report a 38% increase in recipient engagement following the implementation of rich messaging.

Customer story

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Somerset County Council

“Our account manager was helpful and approachable and the level of service has been excellent. The online chat is brilliant for rapid response to support questions, an excellent addition to the first line support.”

Sue Chaplin | Somerset County Council

Why choose Esendex?

We work with a variety of different education organisations to deliver effective emergency communications, efficient staff communications and drive better engagement. 
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Easy to use portal interface

Quickly upload student and staff data to create messages in the fastest time possible.

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Wide range of communication channels

Utilise SMS, Voice, Email and richer communication channels, to promote student, parent and guardian engagement.

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Guaranteed message reliability

Direct connections to all major networks. Messages will be sent to recipients using the best route possible.

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Secure data handling

Accredited to ISO 27001 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

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Template library

Save your message templates for added ease of replicating student surveys and parent or guardian updates.

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