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Who works with Esendex on customer satisfaction projects?
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Collect customer feedback

Customer Satisfaction

Take an in-depth look at their answers and opinions in an easy to use dashboard environment. You can then make the changes needed to your business, which will help provide better products and services and keep your customers happy.

Employee NPS surveys

Workplace Sentiment

It’s widely known that when employees are satisfied with their jobs, they’re much more likely to be happy, more engaged, and more productive.

Our SMS Surveys are a great and easy way to find out how your employees feel. By sending them a text message, staff can complete the survey at any time with no need to be at work to complete it.

Once your employees have given their feedback, you will then be able to analyse their feedback and improve your business to ensure your staff are happy.


Patient Feedback

The team at HealthHarmonie were looking for a solution that could efficiently use their contact data from their software, deliver the survey, collect responses and then deposit this information into their CRM securely.

Esendex worked with HealthHarmonie to build a solution that met their requirements while also collecting three times more responses than their previous methods.

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The surprising facts about customer feedback


20% of businesses have not invested in enhancing customer satisfaction levels either through processes or tools


Only 37% of businesses have invested in customer feedback in the last three months


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Almost 40% of businesses do not send out customer service feedback surveys

Customer stories


Improving response rates from 3% to 27%

Insurance provider LV= increased their response rate from 3% to 27% by leveraging SMS surveys to solicit feedback. The results are graded in a RAG system to prompt quick action.

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3x more patient data

When HealthHarmonie switched to the Esendex solution, they were able to collect 3 times more patient data than previously, enabling them to improve patients’ experience.


Rich messaging increases engagement to 40%

Vaillant leveraged a rich messaging strategy, using RCS and SMS Landing Pages, to increase their customer engagement rate from 2-5% to 40%

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Why choose Esendex

Join the trusted European leader in business communications.
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Linear or branched surveys

Ask a series of direct questions, or ask specific questions based on answers to previous questions

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Completely customisable

Make surveys more engaging for your audience by personalising them with each recipient’s details

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Driven by our API

Our Surveys can be integrated into your existing systems quickly and easily to be delivered at critical touchpoints to improve response rates.

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Deliver responses to CRM

Survey results can be fed back in directly to your CRM so data is readily available at ease

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Get more responses

SMS boasts an open rate of 95% increasing the likelihood of responses compared to other channels such as email

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Higher completion rates

The average form completion rate is 12.6%; our Mobile Journeys reported a completion rate of 46.5% [source]

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