Communication Solutions for Financial Services

Increase process conversions with simple, engaging customer journeys

Financial institutions are on a journey, moving away from paper to digital solutions, and providing customers with the tools they need to serve themselves – from making payments to completing applications to providing feedback.

Simplifying customer journeys is now a major theme for financial institutions, with lowering communication costs, and increasing customer engagement levels also key areas to be addressed.

The continued increase in smartphone numbers provides financial institutions with the opportunity to address these challenges. Creaking legacy systems can be replaced or updated with cost effective, automated solutions – and with 76% of the UK’s population now owning a smartphone, financial services providers have greater levels of digital access to their customers than ever before.

How can Esendex’s communication channels help?

We have a variety of communication channels which, can improve customer engagement for Financial Service providers.

Mobile Web-Apps

Mobile web apps, or, as we call them, Mobile Journeys, are a great way of removing friction from online form completion, and getting customers from A to B quickly and effectively.

You send your customer an SMS which contains a link to a series of mobile optimised web pages. When the customer selects the link, they are presented with an app-ike experience which removes distraction, and increases the likelihood of them completing their customer journey.

Being completely customisable, Mobile Journeys are perfect for everything from processing and collecting payments, to renewing insurance policies.


  • Cost efficient and targeted
  • Completely customisable workflows and branding
  • Easy to use and convenient for customers
  • App like experience with no download required.

SMS Chat

SMS Chat is a great way for financial services providers to offer their customers a easy, convenient, and efficient means of engaging with your contact centres – with the added benefit that your agents can manage multiple conversations at once, making it more scalable and cost-effective than relying on telephone calls.

Customers can start an interaction with an agent on the morning train, and then pick the conversation back up while they are having their lunch, with no requirement to re-validate their identity or explain their issue again.


  • Manage multiple customer interactions at the same time, maximising in-house resource, and saving costs
  • Non-invasive conversations can take place at a time and place which is convenient for the customer
  • Customer’s identity can be authorised before conversation starts.


Esendex Voice makes it easy for financial institutions to target customers on their mobile devices, as well as their landlines.

Customers will be able to use their telephone keypads to process many processes (which would have previously required an outbound call from the financial institutiion) like making a payment, providing account information, or even making an appointment.


  • Save resource by automating processes which previously required a manual call
  • Customers can contact financial institutions at any time of the day, with no wait to speak to an operator
  • Customer’s identity can be authorised before conversation starts
  • Details of calls processed can be summarised in an intelligent report.

Esendex Multichannel

By using a combination of Esendex channels, financial institutions can create communication strategies which will not only create convenient self-serve environments for customers, but also help them have more conversations with customers by providing options to use the channel which suits them best.

By combining financial institutions’ big data capabilities with our smart communication channels, our professional services team will work with you to design a tailored workflow which uses automatic decision engines to decide the most efficient ways to contact customers based on the details you have available.

Here’s an example of how Esendex communication channels can be used intelligently to send in branch appointment reminders.

Plane Saver Credit Union and Esendex SMS

Find out how Esendex worked with Plane Saver to increase engagement of all of their customer communications ranging from welcome messages, and updates to loan applications and service promotion.

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