Customer engagement starts with great communication

Today businesses in the financial services sector must provide customers with the tools to serve themselves – from making payments and completing applications, to providing feedback. Esendex can help businesses implement these digitised processes, while enhancing customer communication.

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Collecting debt ethically and efficiently

As just 45% of UK households have a landline, compared to 84% having a mobile phone, it’s clear debt recovery processes need to be optimised for an increasingly mobile population.


Robust solutions for collating customer feedback

Choose the right communication strategy for your customer audience, ensuring quick and convenient methods for individuals to relay feedback.


A smarter approach to managing inbound calls

There are still a significant number of calls, relating to account balance, payment and application enquiries, which can be handled in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

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Clients report 38% increase in customer engagement following implementation of rich messaging.


Of the total amount received through Mobile Payments, the total cost of the service was just 1.3%.


When compared to the prior outbound strategy, our customers experienced a 32.8% increase in customer engagement.

2 minute

call reduction

Our clients secured a 2-minute reduction in agent operational time per customer interaction.


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Based on a sample of 14,000 of our clients’ customers, over 5,000 went on to make a payment with Esendex’s Mobile Payments.

Customer story

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“The payment Mobile Journey provided by Esendex has become an essential part of our collections processes. We collect more payments through it than any of our other payment channels by far, and we’re thrilled with how it’s working for us.

Working with Esendex has been great. The team is always happy to meet for a no-obligation chat, listen to our requirements, and tailor a solution that works best for us”.

Melanie Chapman, Operations Manager | Cash4UNow

Why choose Esendex?

Leveraging our extensive experience working with financial services teams and debt collection agencies, we can deliver an effective communication strategy that enables customers to self-cure their debt, in a mobile optimised framework.
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Team allocation

Create teams to allocate conversations to the people best equipped to help the customer, perfect for separating sales and support chats.

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Identification and validation

Combine our Voice, SMS, Email, Mobile & Web products to build the perfect solution for your business.

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Guaranteed message reliability

Direct connections to all major networks. Messages will be sent to recipients using the best route possible.

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Secure data handling

Accredited to ISO 27001 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

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Treating customers fairly

All solutions meet FCA and Ofcom requirements regarding the fair treatment of customers.

Esendex is Financial Services Qualification System (FSQS) registered. This initiative, a collaboration between multiple financial services institutions, sets a single standard for supplier compliance across information security, business continuity, sustainability and risk management.

Becoming FSQS accredited is a rigorous process, successful completion of which gives banks, building societies, lenders, collections and insurance companies confidence that the supplier will meet their compliance requirements. It also provides an easy means of collecting and managing this information. The accreditation shows Esendex’s commitment to providing business communication solutions of the highest standard.

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