Personalisation in Retail: How to up your game this Black Friday [video]

Topic: Marketing, Retail

Personalisation in its most basic form doesn’t work. Only 8% of respondents feel encouraged to engage with a retailer if addressed by their first name, and just 7% would respond to a birthday email (source).
But 31% of customers wish their shopping experience was far more personalised than it currently is, and 54% feel more loyal to brands that show a deep understanding of their priorities and preferences (source).
Greater loyalty leads to additional purchases, great reviews, recommendations and referrals – a virtuous circle that’s every retailer’s goal.
You’ve probably been gathering customer data for years, so now it’s time to put an action plan together and think tactically about how you can use this data to create successful campaigns in the next few months.
With this in mind we got together our Head of Marketing and Future Messaging Product Manager to explore how the latest technology facilitates ‘deep’ personalisation – easily and cost effectively.
Our webinar, recorded live, explores the value of personalisation and how you can use SMS landing pages to deliver a bespoke experience for every customer.

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