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year 2016

Santa’s secret helper revealed

Employee engagement is crucial to smooth operations, especially during the busy seasons. According to Weekdone, companies with highly effective internal communications are 7 times more likely to use agile communication tools.

We’ve been working with Father Christmas this year to make sure his grotto is running as efficiently as possible. With 526 million chimneys to squeeze down, a workforce of hundreds of thousands of elves and one delivery sleigh, Santa has a huge task on his hands.

When your goal is as ambitious as making sure Christmas goes without a hitch, ensuring that your team are working towards a shared goal can be achieved through routine communication with your staff.

Mobile provides multiple solutions in thousands of scenarios. Think real life: office closures, last-minute meetings, employee surveys, voting polls and work rotas; there’s no faster way to notify staff about short notice events.

Even the most committed company at the busiest time of year uses mobile and SMS solutions to help get everything right on Christmas Day.

Santa's little helper infographic

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year 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

merry xmas

The Esendex team would like to wish you and everyone at your business a very Merry Christmas!

The year has just flown by here, having helped many more companies make their business communications better and it seemed Christmas came early too as we also added plenty more products to our website, from SMS surveys and Mobile Journeys through to Intelligent Voice and Magento SMS Notifications+

Our team will still be here over the Christmas break should you need to make sure that you have enough credits for your Christmas, New Year or Boxing Day campaigns so you can contact our team who will happy to assist.

There’s also still plenty of time to enter our Christmas Countdown competition to be in with the chance of winning an iPad Mini! Simply complete the contact form behind door 24 and find all three answers. You have until January 8th 2016.

If you’re stuck for festive hints, tips and advice over the holidays there’s plenty hidden behind our 24 advent calendar doors, or take a look here.

From all the team at Esendex, we wish you a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2016!

For information on any of our products or to ensure you have enough message credits please call our team on  0345 356 5758.

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year 2015

The 12 ‘merry’ myths of Christmas

12 myths of Christmas

Losing sales over the Christmas period due to some common marketing myths is the last thing you want. As a holiday celebrated by many and marketed universally, many marketers have become guilty of grouping Christmas shoppers together. But not all consumers have the same shopping habits.

As the popularity of retail spending has gathered pace over the years and in the lead up to Christmas here are some common misconceptions that have been made, and we bust them for you just in time for Christmas 2015:

Myth number 1: Shoppers don’t convert on mobile

Consumers aren’t just window shopping on mobile. Almost 55% of ecommerce transactions within this quarter, came from smartphones. (Marketing Land)

Myth number 2: All millennials do Christmas shopping online

While many millennials have grown up embracing online shopping and socially motivated purchases, for many, Christmas shopping is a good opportunity to catch up with friends and relatives while shopping on the high street. (OMDUK)

Myth number 3: Manic Monday exists

The last Monday before Christmas is often hailed as being the busiest shopping day of the year. Retail analysts predicted 15 million shoppers would head out on the final Monday in 2014, but it’s no use holding out for the last minute shoppers. Be consistent with your marketing and spread out your messages.

Myth number 4: Christmas shopping gets later every year

No marketers can neatly segment customers into early or late shoppers, targets usually get more optimistic year on year, so this myth is a common misconception. 3 in 4 Brits always start their Christmas shopping before November and 10% during the Summer months with a staggering 80% of shoppers having bought their children gifts by the end of October.

Myth number 5: Consumers ignore brands on social media over Christmas

Each year, Facebook continues to hold its own as one of the most visited websites in the world on Christmas Day, whether it’s boredom or consumers just on the hunt for post-Christmas bargains, brands on social media should not switch off.

Myth number 6: Men are always the one who last-minute gift shop

By the beginning of November, 43% of men have already purchased one or more gifts compared to just 30% of women.

Myth number 7: Mobile users mostly use their devices when they’re out and about

Don’t rely on mobile just to reach your customers on-the-go. SMS survey response rates of 95.3% suggest that consumers love being able to respond from the comfort of their own home.

Myth number 8: Shoppers impulse buy at Christmas

In fact as 76% of UK consumers move to buying half of their gifts online, the popularity of wish lists and electronic lists is believed to have reduced impulse purchases over the Christmas period.

Myth number 9: Next Day delivery is at a high

The £1.3 million click and collect  boost to the UK high street last year is enough to debunk this myth. And 83% of people are willing to wait an extra two days if it means they get free delivery, which in turn seems to increase volumes of orders. (Marketing Donut)

Myth number 10: Holiday shoppers wait until the January sales

The days of the ‘January sale’ may no longer be such a one-off sale phenomenon with the likes of Cyber Monday and Black Friday ruling the retail spends pre-Christmas. Many businesses are now also hosting Christmas sales to bring in high street shoppers in the days before Christmas…

Myth number 11: Consumers stick to Christmas lists

Linked to myth number 8, for those shopping on the high street it is estimated that buyers’ average 3 impulse purchases for every 4 Christmas shopping visits, and those who walk to the high street are guiltier of this.

Myth number 12: The later the promotion, the more memorable

49% of marketers launch their Christmas campaigns before Halloween with planning starting as early as June. Mobile accounts for 24% of such plans. So 49% of marketers can’t be wrong!

If you need information or advice of your Christmas marketing and beyond, there’s still time, call our team on 0345 356 5758 for information and advice.

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year 2015

Ease New Year debt collection issues with Interactive Voice

Business IVR
The first few months of the New Year see consumers worrying more about the pounds on their scales than the pounds in their bank accounts. British shoppers are estimated to have racked up around £5 billion in debt over the 2014 Christmas season and it seems that the start of 2016 will be a busy time for debt collection.

The high costs associated with attempting to collect payments from your customers can often outweigh the results. Staff wages, call costs and time are just some of the expenses associated, which is why understanding the needs of your customers and their activities will help to improve your collection operations and make them more personal and targeted.

90% of UK shoppers are willing to pay more for better service, and that service extends to the finance sector, even if it is self-serve. So how can you play to your customer’s needs to improve your collection rates?

Interactive self-service

Debt is a very touchy subject, not many people like to openly admit that they have debts, let alone discuss them with strangers. The thought of openly discussing debts and repayments with a stranger on the telephone can seem very alien to some customer’s. This is where 24hr Interactive Payment Solutions (IVR) can be effective when dealing with early stage repayments or even later stage collections.

55% of customers prefer automated self-service and are more likely to interact with an automated message than with a person, mainly because it seems less intrusive. The person paying their debts can find out their balances, choose to pay a specified amount or be choose to be transferred to a call centre agent.

This also opens up the opportunity to operate in extended opening hours without the need to extend your staffing budget, improving collection rates and efficiency and is one performed at a significantly lower cost than it would to employ an agent.

Automated alerts

During the early stages of debt, customers often forget or are unaware of the debt the organisation is contacting them about. Customers may go overdrawn over Christmas, miss one payment and not know. This is where a simple automated SMS or an ‘Interactive Voice Solution” can give them instructions on how the problem can be best resolved. In addition, our SMS-Chat platform can open additional lines for communication and allow agents to hold multiple conversations maximising the agents time.

Did you know call centre agents account for 70% of the expenditure on call centres? Using automation frees up the most expensive cost of debt collection, leaving staff to deal with the more complex cases making collection rates higher.

If you are looking for solutions to improve your debt collection rates over the toughest months following Christmas, call our team on 0345 356 5758 who will be happy to discuss our range of products and services for the finance sector.

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Use SMS to promote Boxing Day deals

Boxing day sales

As a business, you’ve probably  made preparations for Christmas but what about the short period after? Post Christmas footfall is generally lower on the high streets with internet retailers, comparably, seeing one of their best times of year. It is estimated that Britain’s shoppers will spend nearly £3 billion during boxing day sales, most of which will be online.

A hectic time for any retailer, on or offline, Christmas sales represent a new strain on retail expectations. Boxing Day on the high street last year, a day usually rampant with shoppers saw a reduction in visitors to stores when compared to previously set standards, whereas retail analysis estimates that shoppers spent a record breaking £540 billion online in that same period alone, a 15% year on year increase for online.

In anticipation of spends this year, it is expected that more than £500,000 will be spent every minute online by more than 167 million web visitors on Boxing Day alone. Many of which will made by a mobile phone. This indicates that the mobile platform, to retailers, is a valuable one. One worth being used to target customers who use their smartphone to shop on the web and one to encourage low high street visits, and performance to pick up during Christmas sale season.  

  • Use bulk SMS invites or automated discounts via mobile following the completion of specific actions online or in-store, this could be a repeat purchase, new purchase or subscription to a newsletter service.
  • Send out multiple messages combining email and SMS for maximum results or;
  • Integrate your app, website or company software to send out automated SMS once a customer completes a specific step in your process in store or online.
  • Use your reward schemes or online forms to collect information valuable to your business that you can use to push out even more valuable information to communicate with your customers straight to the palms of their hands.

Whether you are planning on promoting your Boxing Day sale well in advance of Christmas, or scheduling your message for the night before, text messaging offers more convenience without the chance of disruption, through one of the most used forms of communication.

Ensure that you have enough text message credits for the holiday season to give your business a head start for Boxing Day sales and beyond. Contact our sales team today by calling 0345 356 5758.

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Wishing you a Merry Textmas!

Merry TextmasHave you forgotten to send your Christmas cards out this year? Not to worry – why not send a Merry Textmas instead! According to Samsung UK, 94% of those surveyed will be ditching the traditional Christmas card in favour of an alternative method. SMS came out on top for the favourite alternative – it’s the new Christmas card!

With mobile phones rarely leaving our hands, it’s the perfect way to deliver any last minute Christmas messages direct to your customers, staff or suppliers. So whether it’s last order dates, Christmas offers or just festive greetings, send an SMS!

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day 25
year 2014

5 ways you can make your customers’ Christmas sparkle!

Christmas bauble
There’s just 1 month left till Christmas so here’s 5 ways you can bring some good old Christmas cheer to your customers…

Last order dates
Avoid the disappointment of missing presents. Send your customers your last order dates instantly to their phone so all their presents will be delivered on time!

Stock updates
The dreaded ‘sold out’ sign is a familiar sight at Christmas! Send your customers an SMS when the product is back in stock.

Manage bookings
It’s so easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget any plans you’ve made. Whether you’re a hairdressers, restaurant or hotel send out booking confirmation and reminders to your customers.

Delivery updates
Keep your customers in the loop every step of the way. Make each delivery as easy as possible and send dispatch alerts, expected delivery times and delays via SMS.

Christmas greetings
Spread some christmas joy! Wish your customers and staff a merry Christmas via SMS.