What SMS tasks can you automate through Zapier?

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As the adoption of technology and software within the workplace continues, the demands placed upon your teams’ time and productivity will too. As you may recall from our earlier post, Esendex’s integration with Zapier enables a businesses of all sizes and industries to improve efficiencies when dealing with multiple applications for their business messaging.

Here we take you through some of the most common applications that can be applied using Zapier to trigger text messages from the applications which you business uses most:

Onboarding & SMS automation

Texting a prospect after initial contact with your service can increase conversion rates by 112% (Source: Crazyegg.)

New prospects for your business can take up a lot of time. There often aren’t enough hours in a day to personally oversee a high volume of new leads, nurture them into a purchase and do it profitably. For this reason, many businesses take on automation software such as Hubspot, Pardot or Dotmailer.
Zapier can integrate with Esendex’s SMS platform and make it easy for automation tools to use a combination of SMS and email to ensure that their leads are nurtured into customers and complement a low-touch sales method.
Some example templates:

Texting via your CRM

Similarly some CRMs such Hubspot CRM, Salesforce and Zoho offer opportunities to map mobile number fields to opportunities, leads or even contacts to send a text message to said contact or customer whenever a specific trigger such as purchase, sign-up or download has been made.
Just ensure that the mobile numbers within your CRMs or automation systems are formatted correctly for Echo.
Some example templates:

Keeping stakeholders informed

The average business user receives 88 emails per day (Source: Radicati)

Are your key updates to stakeholders and customers getting lost among the noise of email? From updates when support tickets progress through critical milestones, to alerts when new tasks have been assigned – keeping stakeholders informed, at key points in the journey of a ticket or task, can ensure smooth delivery of customer service and experience. This give the customer more efficient service and can provide peace of mind to sales or account management teams to ensure they can spend their time winning more business.
Some example templates:

Take a look at this article for how to ensure your numbers are formatted correctly for Echo SMS sends.

Automated or triggered confirmations

53% of consumers now expect the estimated delivery time of ecommerce purchases to be precise and available within three hours of their order (Ipsos research)

Payment receipts, order confirmations and shipping orders can easily be automated via SMS where a mobile number is provided at the point of purchase or registration using the purchase or shipment as a trigger from within payment applications such as Paypal, Stripe or Ecommerce applications such as Magento 2.X and Shopify or CRMs such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft or Zoho .
Some example templates

Making things more organised, automated, efficient and streamlined can help you take better care of your customers personally. If your company lacks developers, resource or the ability to integrate with our own SMS API using our SDKs then our Zapier integration could be the new addition you need to your harmonise your communication strategy.

To find our more about the 1,300+ applications Esendex can integrate with to trigger scheduled or automated SMS contact a member of our team today.

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