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It is estimated that 69% of employees can waste up to 60 minutes every day navigating between the various business applications required to get their jobs done. That equates to 32 days a year. And it’s not surprising considering that the average business uses between 10 and 16 separate applications (source: Zapier.)
But application overload isn’t just about how many applications there are, it’s the broken flow too. Switching between business applications is a distraction, and can prove disruptive to a team’s productivity and efficiency. In fact…

31% of employees claim to have lost their train of thought while switching between applications, while it is estimated that it takes 23 minutes to recover from a distraction at work.

It might sound obvious, but those distractions can have a damaging effect on both customer experience and the service provided. As both become more crucial in the battle for customer loyalty, evolving to the ever changing behaviour and expectations of the customer should lead to a new focus in business strategy. Digital-first experiences that leverage the power of customer care automation and provide the personalised pre and post purchase information or assistance that today’s customer demands, could have the answer.

Zapier integration launches with Esendex

This week, our relationship with Zapier moves out of public beta and into more robust usage by our Esendex users. As a unique tool which gives our customers the power to connect communication, sales, IT, marketing and payment tools, Zapier opens up many opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce distraction and boost returns.

The world of business and communications is evolving  

Esendex know more than anyone how much software ebbs and flows, disrupts, evolves and innovates. It’s new ideas and communication channels such as RCS remixing more traditional ones such as, SMS that make communications that little bit more exciting and open up multi-channel capabilities.
While businesses may be using a range of tools such as email, spreadsheets, and customer relationship management platforms, they can now use them better than ever – together. Zapier is helping all companies, no matter their size and technical capabilities, to reduce the number of applications your businesses uses or paying a technical team of engineers to do it may not be an option for you.

Communication is key – between people and apps

Communication between colleagues, teams, offices, countries and customers are all fundamental for business success. This is where Zapier’s automation opportunities can help make the demands placed on all teams more manageable.
The growing importance of technology and software within the workplace isn’t slowing and will likely continue to place even greater demand on your teams’ time, attention and productivity but text messaging will always have a place.
By adopting our Zapier integration for your business communications, you will not only be profiting from the efficiencies discussed above but also you will be future proofing your business’ ability to deal with disruptive changes that often come with new tech requirements. Contact our team today.

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