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Our online SMS platform is trusted by industry leaders globally.

Next level SMS

Our online SMS platform is fast, reliable and cost-effective so you can be up and running in minutes.- no costly software or office mobile phone required.

Efficient and simple to set up and use – choose from both one and two-way conversational messaging for bulk SMS of a hundred – or many thousands of messages.

With the ability to send and receive SMS via our online platform you can make sure messages can be accessed by your entire team, or even integrated into your website or CRM using our API capability. No more wondering if that notification has been sent, or where that customer care conversation went. We also provide comprehensive reporting so you can measure the impact of your online SMS performance.

Improve engagement, loyalty and retention

With a user-friendly online platform and templates that are quick and easy to build, save time and  maintain quality and consistency of communications. Personalise content and segment lists to be seen and heard.

Integrate SMS with multiple channels

A multichannel workflow delivers a consistent customer experience across multiple channels. Integrate SMS with email, Voice, Mobile Journeys, IP messaging, surveys and more to let customers and staff choose how and where they engage.

Tap into expert services and support

Our Professional Services team supports our customers with everything from simple one-way messaging to more complex solutions. 

With in-depth knowledge across our full range of online SMS solutions; including mobile journeys, mobile collections and payments, mobile letters and managed services, our team helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Improve ROI

Stay agile and adapt your communication strategy as business and customer circumstances change. 

Automate and manage every campaign, analyse the results in real-time and make adjustments as you go, to maximise campaign and business ROI.

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VMNs and short codes

Our portal supports both one or two-way conversational messaging. For two-way capability, particularly in the case of customer care, we provide either an 11-digit Virtual Mobile Numbers  or a memorable five-digit SMS Short Code

Mobile landing pages

 A branded and personalised mobile landing page can improve customer experience and click through and conversion rates. Read how British Airways Holidays did just that.


Deliver personalised and engaging customer surveys. Benefit from higher response rates while increasing market intelligence. Read how Plane Saver Credit Union saw an uplift in customer feedback thanks to real-time surveys.

Email to SMS

Send and receive SMS messages using your email account. Enjoy the convenience of using a platform you are familiar with while benefiting from the higher open and response rates of  SMS.

“Partnering with the Esendex team has taken all of the stress out of implementing the platform. We couldn’t have asked for an easier delivery.”


Let’s start sending, together.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform.

Ready for the next step? Explore rich messaging…

WhatsApp Business Platform

Use the world’s most popular messaging app to connect with customers where they already are. 

The WhatsApp Business platform supports real-time, interactive customer care conversations, marketing, and transactional messages  including alerts, updates, notifications and reminders.

Rich Messaging

Create and send fully branded communication with rich multimedia interactivity – think hi-res photos, videos, audio messages and more – all from your existing phone number. 

Thanks to chatbot automation and two-way intelligent RCS (including WhatsApp) you benefit from app-like functionality straight to SMS inboxes, without the need for additional software.

Messaging studio

Esendex’s rich messaging platform supports next-level customer conversations via  multiple channels such as SMS, RCS and WhatsApp.

Select from a range of  two-way communication channels for  omnichannel messaging and reporting capability. Manage personalised conversations with tools such as teams and create bespoke templates complete with images and call to action buttons.

“The Esendex range of products greatly enhances the way we speak with our customers from sales follow-ups and engineer appointment confirmations, all the way through to general Q&As.”


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Let’s start sending, together.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform.