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New customers
New orders
Shipping alerts
New products
Invoice alerts
example of triggered new customer text message alert
New customers

Ensure that account managers and key stakeholders are able to act quickly whether in the office or out on the road, and that managers are able to keep on top of customer targets using instant and automated SMS alerts whenever new customers are created within your Magento store.

Include as much detail as required to enable staff to follow-up, or make part of your customer onboarding process by using text messaging to acknowledge creation of a customer account.

Our Zapier integration makes it simple to link your Esendex account with your ecommerce store to boost communications among customers and staff.

example of triggered new order text message alert
New orders

Make order-processing more streamlined and enable staff to save time by sending automated SMS alerts to specified team members or customers with specific product details whenever a new order is received within your Magento store.

Integrating Magento or Magento 2.X with your Esendex account via Zapier enables text messages to be triggered instantly or after a specified period of time.

Include order IDs, account details, quantities and line item details.

example of triggered shipping text message alert
Shipping alerts

For stores on either of the Magento platforms, use our Zapier integration to send automated text message alerts from your Esendex account to specified recipients including; account managers, stakeholders, managers and customers to update them with details of the shipment status of their order.

Choose to include as much or as little detail of the original order as you like including items ordered, quantities as well as address information for maximum efficiency an customer service.

example of triggered new product text message alert
New products

Online shops can hold varied inventories of stock which can often make it difficult for staff and loyal customers to keep track of new additions to an ecommerce store.

Make sure that your staff are knowledgable by notifying them instantly whenever a new product is added by SMS, or boost customer engagement by texting loyal customers when a new item is added or becomes available.

With our Zapier integration between Magento and Esendex you can choose your intended recipient or recipients and choose which information to contain within a text message.

example of triggered new invoice text message alert
Invoice alerts

Alert account managers, sales managers and key stakeholders on-the-go whenever a new sales order invoice is created by a customer or account within your Magento store.

Particularly useful for when sales staff or management are out of office or meetings, sending an instant text message enables them to get a snapshot of invoice details so they're ready to follow-up with the necessary information required while on-the-go.

Integrate Magento with Esendex using Zapier without the need for development support.

Choose from our pre-made Magento & Esendex templates to send SMS.

Create your zap without having to leave our website. There's no need for development support, click to make a Zap and get started ensuring your staff and customers are kept in the loop using instant and automated SMS alerts.

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