How can ISO 27001 help you prepare for Data Protection reform?

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Your customer’s data is the most precious thing that your business owns. Make sure you protect it by choosing a business communication provider that adheres to high quality standards.

Esendex is ISO27001 registeredYour customer’s data is probably the most precious thing that your business owns and how you choose to use it could mean the difference between good working practices and successes, or hefty fines and failures. With the looming European Reform of Data Protection set to replace the current Data Protection Act 1998, later this year, it is likely that there will be some instrumental changes for businesses, consumers and those in control of regulating – particularly when it comes to digital technologies.

Given that one month has passed since Esendex were awarded the ISO 27001 certification for the fourth year running, we take a look at why choosing a business communication provider that operates and works to the globally recognised security standard and adheres to global legislation, is far better than choosing one that isn’t.

Have better damage control and minimise the risk to your business, staff and customer data as well as the risk of security incidents. Any sensitive data that you share with Esendex from your own business account details and customer’s mobile numbers right through to addresses and full names is treated in line with our information security policies which are accredited to ISO 27001 standards. Prevent disclosure, modification, unauthorised access and destruction.

If you’re trying to win an exclusive deal or contract, want to have the edge over your competitors or work within the public sector then ensuring that your own business is compliant with information security standards in addition to ensuring that any outsourced providers do too could mean the difference between potential customers choosing your company first.

The ISO27001 standard helps drive further standards and the credibility of business communication technologies forward. It also offers transparency for our customers – businesses like you, to pass on to your own. This showcases that security is at the forefront, not only within your business but ours too combined with us offering high quality messaging and communication services at all times.

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While the current Data Protection legislation was not written with the technologies that have emerged over recent years, working with a company that complies with ISO27001 regulations indicates that your company has a commitment to working towards new EU reform and shows you are taking steps to work toward future changes.

To learn more about our security standards or about any of our products or services contact our team on 0345 356 5758.

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