SMS reminders and confirmations

Low-cost SMS and automated voice solutions that improve your booking, appointments and delivery processes.

Keep customers and staff informed with automated reminders and confirmations for bookings, appointments, deliveries, payments and more. Improve customer service and manage cancellations in real-time.

The next generation of messaging solutions for appointment reminders, delivery confirmations and more.

Reduce the likelihood of costly appointment no-shows, and reach out to customers in a way that’s convenient for them. Confirm appointment times or let customers quickly and easily reschedule or cancel if a time no longer suits. 

With automated messages you can reduce the time and staff power required to communicate and send triggered responses when customers sign-up, book an appointment or request further information.

Two-way communication

Let customers control their interactions and respond in real time, to confirm appointments or adjust bookings by using a virtual mobile number or short code. 

Track and report to increase revenue

Manage data in real-time. Refill last-minute appointments as soon as a cancellation is received and a slot becomes free.

Improve business efficiency

Automate your appointment confirmations and reminders with our simple to integrate and intuitive interface.

Reduce appointment no-shows

With automatic reminders and confirmations, customer service levels improve and your customers need never miss another appointment.

“43% of millennials want to receive SMS alerts and reminders from brands and businesses”


Support customers and staff

Good communication plays a pivotal role in all relationships. SMS can be easily integrated with your existing systems to automate reminders helping your customers and staff to manage their busy lives.

SMS reminders and confirmations can be used for:
  • Payment and overdue reminders
  • Booking confirmations
  • Delivery reminders
  • Work schedule alerts and shift bookings
  • Stock reminders and out-of-stock alerts
  • Account/balance alerts
  • Billing reminders
  • Event and promotional reminders
Industries that use SMS reminders and confirmations include:
  • Financial Services  
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Local Government
  • Recruitment
  • Property and Letting 
  • Education

Let’s start sending, together.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform for reminders, confirmations and more.

SMS reminders and confirmations by industry


Send an appointment confirmation when a patient schedules a visit, along with reminders a day or two before the appointment.

SMS reminders can also be used by healthcare providers and pharmacists for follow-up messages about medication reminders, aftercare support, upcoming tests, or follow-up appointments.

Transport and Logistics

After placing an order, customers can be sent an SMS confirming their order along with estimated delivery times.

As the delivery time approaches, a reminder can be sent to notify customers and ensure someone is available to receive the package.

Additionally, delivery services can send tracking updates via SMS to keep customers informed about the status of their delivery.


SMS reminders can notify customers about stock availability, alerting them when out-of-stock items are back in stock, or encouraging them to complete abandoned carts.

SMS can also provide order confirmations with delivery details and updates or can be used to process returns.

These SMS communications enhance customer engagement and put the customer’s mind at ease following a purchase.

text message on a phone that says "Hi Claire, great news, an item you have on your wish list is now in our SUMMER SALE!"

Customer story

liberis logo
Providing new ways to supply payment reminders for financial services provider, Liberis

Discover how Esendex helped Liberis to deploy an initial SMS based payment reminder strategy.

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