The 6 best ways for recruiters to use SMS

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6 best ways for recruiters to use SMS

Many recruitment agencies have realised the potential of SMS for having more engaging interactions with potential candidates, but few have realised just how many ways it can help. So what are the different ways SMS can be used by recruitment agencies?

SMS is a great way for recruiters to offer their audiences an easy, convenient, and efficient means of engagement. SMS enjoys an open rate of 95 percent (source), meaning that the chances of prompting an action to take place (like making an application) are much higher.
Another key advantage over email is that, like the Word documents of yesteryear, text messages can be easily personalised with merge fields, allowing you to send one batch of messages to potentially hundreds of candidates, and have each message tailored to the individual.
Further, with 90% of text messages being read within three minutes of receipt (source), vacancies should be filled more quickly – a virtuous cycle that helps candidates, employers and agencies alike.

So what are the further applications of SMS for recruitment agencies?

Alert candidates to new job opportunities

Once candidates have registered their details and preferences, the recruiter can send opportunity alerts (with web links and click-to-call options for additional information) directly to the candidate’s mobile device. Recruiters can even integrate SMS functionality into their existing systems meaning there’s minimal requirement for additional training.

Maintain an up to date candidate database
It’s often a resource heavy process for recruitment agencies to keep their candidate databases up to date. SMS makes it easy to send candidates a set of questions – find out if they’re still looking for a new opportunity, and what the specifics of that opportunity might be.

Qualify applicants
Once an applicant has shown an interest an a particular position, recruiters can automatically send a set of predefined qualification questions through SMS. The questions can be set up in such a way so that, if the questions are answered with a positive outcome, then there will be an invitation to contact a specific recruiter, with a view to discussing in more detail via a linked telephone call.

SMS can be used to have two way SMS interactions, which conveniently allow phone calls and interviews to be arranged quickly and easily without the need for a phone call.

Interview confirmations/reminders
Make sure that candidates are made aware of planned interviews, and send periodic reminders to make sure that they don’t forget them.

Interview feedback
Recruiters can set up SMS Surveys which are sent out to applicants and even employers directly after an interview has taken place. Find out what parts of the interview went well or not so well, and invite any additional questions.

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