SMS Automations

Set and forget repetitive, time-consuming work processes with automated communications. Reclaim administration time, while enhancing the customer experience.

Illustration showing late payment reminder SMS automation

Streamline manual tasks

Illustration showing clock and calendar demonstrating potential time saved

Save valuable business time, automating the bulk sending of static or dynamic templated messages to their customers. Negate work processes associated with file exports and uploads.

Utilise existing systems and data

Illustration of workflow, demonstrating how Esendex can plug into existing software

Esendex’s automations leverage existing business systems and datasets. There’s no need to upload sheets, connect to an API, or download new software.

Bespoke cross-channel solutions

Illustration showing multi-channel communications

Collaborate with our experienced Managed Services team to design bespoke, cross-channel workflows. Keep customers engaged, without lifting a finger. 

SMS Automations allow businesses to communicate smarter

Illustration of basic Esendex automation workflow
Simply put, SMS Automations are ideal for businesses looking to automate the bulk sending of templated message(s) to customers, from a fixed file. 
Working with our expert Managed Services team, businesses can create bespoke communication workflows and auto-replies, using both simple and complex, rule-based triggers.

Use cases for SMS automations

Cross-channel communication workflows and automated triggers for all industries.

Appointment confirmations and reminders

Reduce the impact of missed appointments and nurture the customer journey prior to bookings, with tailored, automatic reminders. 

Payment reminders

Alert contacts to billing schedules and overdue payments with SMS workflows. Providing recipients an easy means of organising payment within a mobile-optimised framework.

Order and delivery updates

Directly notify customers of account transactions and delivery updates, in real-time, with communication workflows custom-made for your business. 

Customer feedback and surveys

Always catch your customers at the right time, using actions like order or support call completion, to trigger survey sends.

Automate replies

Create custom rules and predefined action triggers, to send customers personalised messages, tailored to their customer journey. 

  • Customer service

Send personalised auto-replies to help manage customer expectations, elicit quick responses and facilitate better customer experiences.

  • Customer engagement

Build automated replies to update customers on product launches or event information; helping maintain both engagement and loyalty.

Lead nurturing 

Texting a prospect after initial contact with your service can increase conversion rates by 112% and with automated SMS, you can instantly reply to customers all day, everyday. 

Manage subscriber lists

Organise contacts into subscriber lists based on keywords or actions – ensuring relevant messages are delivered to specific contacts at the right time.

Promotions and product launches

Inform valued customers about product launches and promotions, with cross-channel campaigns, using time or action-based drip messages. 

Key features of Esendex’s SMS Automations

Multiple message templates
Multiple reply templates

Create a range of message templates, to accommodate channels including SMS, Email and even Voice, to deliver business communications in a convenient and efficient manner.

Improved read rates

Higher read rates

Our automations ensure messages are read by using your customers preferred communication channels based on past data.

personalised message

Show your customers you care by including personalisations based on each recipient’s details.

Cross-channel communications
Cross-channel communications

Combine SMS, Rich Messaging, Email and Voice, to achieve communication strategies which improve engagement and enhance the overall customer experience.

Triggers to automate messages
Range of message triggers

Create workflows to send communications based on customer actions, e.g. new prospect; no purchases in >2 months; trigger keywords or even time of day.

Real time reporting
Detailed reporting

Easily identify where communications can be improved, with detailed reporting delivered via your preferred format.

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