13 SMS mistakes that could come back to haunt you!

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Halloween pumpkinAs a Halloween treat to you, here are 13 deadly SMS mistakes you should never make:
1. Message overload
Don’t spook your customers and bombard them with SMS messages. If you’re sending text messages too regularly you will magically notice a soaring number of customer opt-outs and could earn yourself a bad brand image.
2. No opt-out
By law you must give recipients an easy way to opt-out of your promotional SMS messages. Nobody wants to be doomed with unwanted messages!
3. No opt-in
With mobile phones being such a personal form of communication, it’s your responsibility to make sure people have given you permission to text them! Not doing so is a sure fire way to annoy existing or potential customers – not to mention it’s also illegal.
4. Over the top
Long messages will just bore the recipient. Make sure your messages are clear and concise. Short and sweet messages will work a treat.
5. Bad timing
Understand your customers as much as possible and don’t send messages at a time you know they will be busy – the school run, bedtime, important meeting.
6. Who are you?
If you’re sending a text message to your customers or staff and don’t mention who it’s from there’s a massive chance they will never know.
7. Spelling errors
Every message you send contributes to your image. Don’t send messages with errors – check every message before you send it.
8. Txt talk
This brings us nicely on to using text slang! Not everyone you’re sending to will understand or appreciate any text talk – avoid it at all costs so each message is understood.
9. Irrelevant
Don’t have a reason to text? Just don’t bother. Each message has to be relevant!
10. Call to action
If there is no call to action the chances are you don’t need to text. Whether they should try your new service, confirm their appointment or cover a shift – they need to know what you want
11. Ignorance is NOT bliss
The more you’re sending text messages to your customers and staff, the more you get to know them. If you’re noticing things that are working well or not working at all and don’t act on it you’re missing out.
12. Make it personal
Sending a generic message creates the impression you simply don’t care. Even if you just address them by name, take the opportunity to personalise each message you send.
13. Supplier matters
Last but not least! When communicating with your customers you can’t afford to scare them away. Use a trusted, reliable SMS supplier, who has direct connections so you don’t face any problems.

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