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Supercharge your SMS with RCS Messaging

Some businesses need more than SMS alone is able to provide.

Deliver a richer, personalised experience that customers expect and build meaningful long-term relationships; that’s RCS Messaging (or Rich Communication Services Messaging if you need the full tongue twister title.)

Create and send fully branded communication with rich multimedia interactivity – think hi-res photos, images, videos, audio messages and more – all from your existing phone number.

Thanks to chatbot automation and two-way intelligent RCS you benefit from app-like functionality straight to your customer’s SMS inbox, without any need for additional software. Read how Esendex created a rich, mobile-focused messaging solution for Vaillant which saw customer response rates jump to 40%, from previous levels of 2% and 5% for letter post and agent-based calls.

Verified sender

Send RCS messages from your company using up to 11 alpha-numeric characters. Use company logos, colours and fonts to  create a welcoming and familiar messaging environment.

Rich content

Send images and rich cards for a more engaging experience. Encourage action and replies via simple buttons, to improve the user journey and create a more targeted interaction.

Campaign tracking

Gain full visibility over campaign delivery status using real-time delivery and read receipts. Track campaigns, make adjustments and optimise ‘as you go’ to improve ROI.

Multichannel integration

Combine with other Esendex channels for an integrated communication strategy that ensures customers have a frictionless experience regardless of the  channel they’re on.

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Key benefits of RCS Messaging

Lower customer service costs

RCS messaging allows businesses to reduce pressure on in-house resources and lower customer service costs by providing more convenient tools for customers to access, including chatbots for common customer queries. This provides customers with a more engaging, personalised journey that  addresses their specific needs.

Enrich communication

Embed images, videos, and rich cards into messages. Better yet, use RCS Messaging for two-way customer conversation to support service interactions, payments and receipts, policy renewals, bookings/appointment reminders, FAQs and for a multitude of other customer touchpoints.

Access actionable engagement data

Access status-based read receipts for improved tracking. Real-time analytics provide you with insight about how customers are interacting with your messages and which communications are working best, helping you to improve  conversion rates, including ‘delivery’ and ‘seen’ reports.

Tap into expert professional services and support

Our Professional Services team supports our customers with everything from simple one-way RCS messages to more complex workflows and solutions.

Improve ROI

Stay agile and adapt your communication strategy as business and customer circumstances change. Automate and manage your business communication, analyse the results in real-time and make adjustments as you go to maximise campaign and business ROI. 

Gain ‘verified sender’ status to help reduce spam and reassure customers that interactions are from a trusted source.

What can RCS be used for?

Here are some of the ways you can have smarter interactions by sending richer content to your customers.


Retailers have to do all they can to maintain a competitive edge – and being able to send richer, mobile focused communications to their customers is going to be a big part of their future success.

RCS will play a big part in this, by delivering fully branded interactions directly to the customer’s default messaging application.

Example applications include:

  • Deliver digital receipts
  • Customer service chat interactions
  • Arrange/rearrange delivery times and delivery updates
  • Upsell or cross-sell products with carousels
  • Receive payments
  • Deliver marketing messaging.

Gain “verified sender” status to help to eradicate spam and reassure customers that interactions are not from fraudulent sources.

Set-up branded, automated interactions with customers, using tools like buttons and linked payment facilities – all of which help to promote self-service.

Example applications include:

  • Updating insurance claims (e.g. uploading photos and other details)
  • Making payments via linked facilities
  • Missed payment reminders with linked payment processing
  • Renewing policies
  • Applying for loans/credit
  • Fraudulent activity notification
  • Arranging in-branch appointments
  • Customer identity verification.

Many manual processes undertaken by utility providers can now be easily automated in a rich and intelligent way by using RCS.

This means that providers can expect to reduce the strain on their in-house resources, and also provide more convenient tools for customers to access services.

Example applications include:

  • Collect meter readings
  • Provide tariff selection facilities
  • Chat style customer service
  • Bill payments
  • Frequently asked questions.
Property & Estate agents

With RCS, agencies can add far richer content to their customer interactions. The net reults is that agents spend less time on the phone speaking with potential customers, which in turn frees them up to focus on other value add tasks.

Example applications include:

  • Rich property alerts including dynamic fields based on search criteria (including images, video, text, and maps)
  • Carousels with available properties making selections easier
  • Live chat with an agent without having to make a call
  • Booking and rearranging house viewings automatically
  • Document exchanges.

RCS supports enhanced engagement with patients, allowing them to perform many tasks independently, which would have previously required interaction with a healthcare representative.

Example applications include:

  • Booking and rearranging appointments automatically
  • Add appointments to calendar
  • Sending smart appointment reminders (i.e include images of healthcare professionals and practices)
  • Innoculation reminders (i.e. link to existing appointment management systems)
  • Send prescriptions
  • Supply test results.
Local Government

Local Governments have to carefully plan how to effectively engage with each of their audiences, to ensure all messages reach their destination.

RCS can help with this by increasing engagment levels, while at the same time reducing costs.

Example applications include:

  • Collect council tax or arrange repayment plans
  • General notifications
  • Maintenance engineer appointments booking and rearranging
  • Service closure notification

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Send and receive SMS online or integrate into your existing website, app or software using our API.

Our SMS is fast, reliable and cost-effective so you can be up and running in minutes.

Efficient and simple to set up and use – choose from both one and two-way conversational messaging for bulk SMS of a hundred – or many thousands of messages.

Rich Messaging

Rich Messaging

 Create and send fully branded communication with rich multimedia, interactivity – think hi-res photos, videos, audio messages and more from your existing phone number.

Thanks to chatbot automation and two-way intelligent RCS (including WhatsApp) you benefit from app-like
functionality straight to SMS inboxes, without the need for additional software.



A poorly-designed IVR is hugely frustrating for customers. Work with our experts to customise your IVR and outbound voice services journey to improve CX.

Direct conversations, support positive and prompt navigation and encourage self-serve wherever it makes sense.

Mobile Journey

Mobile Journeys

Build mobile-first, secure experiences for payments, promotions, surveys, appointment scheduling and data collection.

Personalised, automated and fully branded – increase conversions and put power firmly in the hands of your customers or staff.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team can help you to ‘set and forget’ SMS automations. More importantly, they can help you to optimise them strategically and continually, for even greater business returns.

With in-depth knowledge across our full range of solutions, including mobile journeys, mobile collections and payments, mobile letters and forms and managed services, the team supports our customers with everything from simple one-way messaging to more complex workflows and solutions.

WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business Platform

Use the world’s most popular messaging app to connect with customers.

Support real-time, interactive customer care conversations, marketing, and transactional messages including alerts, updates, notifications and reminders.

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