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Tech more, sleep less

Texting in bed

Ofcom’s new study reveals our nation spends more time immersed in technology each day than sleeping – how we’ve changed! Britons spend on average 8 hours 41 minutes on digital media or communications and only 8 hours 21 minutes sleeping – how do we find the time to work!?

A good night’s sleep just isn’t a priority anymore; instead we’re glued to our phones, TV and the Internet (just a few amongst an ever growing list). Ofcom also predicted that text messaging, instant messaging and social media have replaced voice calls with 94% of our electronic communication being text based. Quite frankly no other communication channel can compete.

What does this mean for you?

With mobile phones as our new favourite accessory, you can reach customers, staff, suppliers and so on whenever you need.

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Your customers are changing – are you?

The mobile revolution has seriously transformed the way we communicate! New Ofcom research has revealed Britons can’t be without their mobile phones or internet. These are now just as essential to our nation as the air we breathe, the clothes we wear and the house we live in! What’s more, according to Ian Carrington there are now more mobile phones than toothbrushes, making SMS an ideal channel to reach your customers.

Gone are the days of picking up your landline and making a call. Nowadays, just 160 characters and the click of a button is all it takes. What’s better is it makes everyone’s lives much easier and people actually like to receive appointment reminders, updates, delivery confirmations and many more via SMS!

With SMS having a staggering 98% open rate (Frost & Sullivan), it’s no surprise why so many businesses are using text messages to communicate with their customers.

We think our new and improved Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sums up this change perfectly!

maslows hierarchy

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What do your customers really think?


We are extremely excited to be bringing you something completely new – SMS surveys! These can be sent automatically to follow up after meetings, phone calls or appointments, allowing you to receive instant feedback.

How will SMS surveys help you?

• Instant– Everyone carries their mobile phone with them wherever they go – leaving the house without your phone is on par with stepping out without dressing yourself! SMS surveys are received instantly so the experience is still fresh in your customers mind.

• Effective - As a nation we are addicted to our mobile phones and are rarely caught without them – even using them at the dinner table and in the bathroom! According to IPSOS MORI, SMS enjoys up to 77% response rates. In IPSOS’ research 66% of consumers said they would prefer to be surveyed by SMS again, rather than by email or phone and 95.3% said they’d be likely to respond to an SMS survey request.

• Honesty is the best policy - Conrad and Schober found that SMS surveys generated more honest feedback as there is no time pressure, so respondents have time to give more thoughtful answers. Also, as they aren’t speaking directly with someone they are less likely to sugar-coat their answers, giving you the honest feedback you need.

• Customer retention – The power of SMS surveys means you can easily highlight unhappy customers or customers on the verge of leaving. You can then rectify any problems and enjoy loyal customers for many years to come!

If this hasn’t already convinced you, why not contact us today for more information or a trial –


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Esendex Last Minute Triathlon

Running In Triathlon

Here at Esendex, we’re gearing up for the 14th September when we’ll be sponsoring the Last Minute Triathlon again! We’re also taking part, so in just under two months we will be swimming, riding and sprinting our way to the finish line.

As part of our sponsorship we will be providing all the text messages for the event! This means courtesy of Esendex, everyone who takes part will receive their results and completion times after the race, so it’s easier than ever to track your progress year on year.

Be sure to stay tuned and see how we get on!

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The Esendex Team takes on another challenge to help the homeless

Despite warmer days and a fast approaching summer being homeless is not any easier during this time of the year. That´s why the Esendex team takes on another challenge to raise money for those who have been less fortunate in life. The aim is to walk 25 miles within 12 hours in Derbyshire’s Peak District on the 19th of July. Predicting the British weather is like playing Russian roulette – what could be a nice summer walk might end up being a trip that would make Frodo & Sam’s adventures look like a picnic.

Edale Valley by Atomviz,

But our team of 12 brave recruits is unstoppable when it comes to raising money for our chosen charity Framework, which dedicated itself to help homeless and vulnerable people. Many thanks – and good luck – to Cat, Petra, Kim, Amandeep, Hannah, Jeremy, Alex, Richard, Jonathan, Thomas, James and Judy.

If you have a few spare pounds and would like to help the less fortunate too, please follow the link below and donate as much or little as you like:

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We’ve been accredited as a supplier on the G-Cloud 5 Framework



We’re pleased to announce that we’re now an approved supplier on the G-Cloud 5 Framework, and as of today our business SMS services will be available in the “Software as a Service (SaaS)” online store.

G-Cloud is designed to benefit both Public Sector and UK businesses by providing a facility for Public Sector organisations to quickly and easily purchase cloud-based services.

Delivering solutions to the Public Sector is an area in which we specialise in, so having been awarded a place on G-Cloud is a great achievement for us. We’re now able to expand our offering to our customers, meaning they can now buy our services without the time consuming and expensive procurement processes.

Not only does this development bring SMS services to organisations quicker and at a lower procurement cost but it also contributes to the government’s “Digital by Default” initiative.

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We’ve been awarded EE Partner status!

As official recognition of the high level of service offered to our clients, we’ve been awarded EE Partner status. This makes us a Business Specialist Partner for the network that brings you Orange and T-mobile.  It’s a great achievement to add to our collection – we’ve already achieved Vodafone Gold Partner status.

This status further strengthens our on-going strategic relationship with EE and recognises our direct connectivity and commitment to quality.

At Esendex, we’re one of only a handful of SMS providers that have direct connections to all the mobile networks – that’s why you can be confident that all your messages will be delivered quickly!


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We’re exhibiting at Internet World!

We’re always eager to have lots of fantastic conversations with great people who are interested in all things tech, so that’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ll be exhibiting at Internet World 2014 (17-19 June).logo_iworld

Internet World is a great place where thousands of IT, technology and marketing professionals get together, discovering strategies to drive their organisation’s success.

If you’re visiting Internet World, you’ll find us located on stand IW724, we’re also speaking in the Mobile Theatre on the 19th. If you’re around, why not pop over and say hi!

We’ll be available to answer all of your questions and we’ll be sharing lots of inspiration and ideas on how you can use SMS to transform the way your business communicates.

It’s free to attend and as a ‘must go to’ event for businesses, we hope to see you there!

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Time lapse movie: “Office Expansion at Esendex HQ”

This spring we spread our wings and expanded into another 5,000sq ft of office space, in the same building at our HQ in Nottingham. This week we thought we’d give you a quick glimse into the office expansion.

Our creative senior software developer Jonathan, has taken the time to create a time lapse movie.

He made two time lapse cameras out of a kit of parts, including a Raspberry Pi, a PiFace Control and Display expansion module, a Raspberry Pi Camera and a case.  These cameras were mounted onto the office wall using Velcro, and took a still image once every minute, capturing all the action during the construction of the new office. The cameras recorded the pictures on memory cards which Jonathan later stitched together into time lapse videos, showing the building work happening from two angles during the whole transformation process.

The entire thing has been compressed into a short one minute trailer for your convenience. We love it, we hope you do too!

Here’s a picture of the finished office:


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Introducing…a shiny new office!

We’ve been growing since inception, and have taken another 5,000sq ft of space in the same building at our HQ in Nottingham.

This week we had a launch party to celebrate.  This was a great opportunity to open some Champagne and celebrate with all those who have contributed to the success of Esendex, since its launch in 2001 – including staff, customers, suppliers and friends of Esendex.

Councillor Nick McDonald (Cabinet Member for Jobs & Growth at Nottingham City Council), was our guest of honour for the evening, and after a fantastic speech he unveiled our brand new office space via text message. This message used our Push Notification service, sending the message to a laptop which then passed the message over Bluetooth to a LEGO NXT – this started to move the ribbon and released loads of balloons. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with SMS!


The launch party was also the night that “the den” was revealed to all for the first time! The den includes a break-out area with beanbags, a table arcade game and a leisure space with a pool table with baize in our corporate colour of purple.


Thanks to everyone who joined us on the night and a huge thanks to our talented developer Dave, who set up all the techy stuff for unveiling the office via text message.

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