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We’re sponsoring QCon London 2015

Esendex sponsor QCon LondonWe’re excited to announce that Esendex will be sponsoring QCon London on the 4th – 6th of March. QCon is one of the UK’s leading software conferences, attracting over 1,000 attendees from the software community with its focus of sharing knowledge and innovation.

At Esendex we’re proud to have talented developers who are passionate about what they do. They love any opportunity to share their ideas and knowledge as well as learn from the rest of the developer community – QCon London is the ideal place.

If you’re heading over to QCon London, come and check out our stand and have a chat with our friendly team (we might even give you some free swag)!

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We’re sponsoring the Mobile Marketing Mixer Party at Mobile World Congress!

Esendex sponsor Mobile Marketing Mixer Party On the 2nd – 5th of March, the industry’s leading brands will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We’re excited to announce that we’ll be there too!

Focused on the mobile communications revolution, this event allows industry leaders, visionaries and innovators to explore trends that will shape mobile in the years ahead.

We’ll be sponsoring the Mobile Marketing Mixer Party on Tuesday the 3rd of March. This Mobile World Congress shindig will be the ideal opportunity to bring together the best in the mobile business.

Not only this but we will also be attending Mobile World Congress over the four days so we can not only share inspiration and tips for all things mobile, but also learn from the leaders of the industry.

If you’re planning on going to Mobile World Congress, why not get in touch and we’ll send you a ticket for the Mobile Marketing Mixer Party. We’d love you to join us!

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Top 5 ways to love your customers

Show your customers love with SMSValentine’s Day is tomorrow so there couldn’t be a better time to go that extra mile and show your customers some love! We’ve put together 5 different ways you can make your customers feel loved all year round:

Save the date - send reservation reminders via SMS straight to their phone. Whether it’s for a hotel, restaurant or a spa retreat, it’s quick, simple and cheap – your customers will also never miss a reservation again!

Value their voice - show your customers they matter to you with an
SMS survey. It’s a hassle-free way to get their feedback, helping you to continually improve your service.

In the know - your valued customers should be the first to know about any exciting business developments – by sending a simple text they can be! Notify your customers of any relevant new products or services.

It’s on us - everyone loves a treat! Deliver exclusive promotions or mobile coupons direct to their phone.

Simplicity is key - take the stress out of online shopping and keep your customers informed at every stage! Send dispatch alerts, expected delivery times and potential delays via SMS. Using two-way text messaging your customers can even change their delivery time to suit them.

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We’re an accredited supplier on the G-Cloud 6 Framework!

G-Cloud 6 G-Cloud 5 Framework - HM Government In May last year, we were accredited as a supplier on the
G-Cloud 5 Framework. Here at Esendex we like to stay as up-to-date as possible, so we are continuing to have a G-Cloud presence on the latest iteration of the framework – G-Cloud 6.

Our business SMS services are available for public sector organisations in the “Software as a Service (SaaS)” online store.

G-Cloud is a digital marketplace for public sector organisations to purchase cloud-based services. It is the quickest and easiest way for them to procure their services and means they aren’t tied in to long contracts, whilst getting top quality services for lower prices.

Our business SMS services are ideal for communicating time-critical messages within the public sector, and after working first-hand with organisations like NHS Trusts and Councils, we’re experts in using SMS to improve efficiency.

For inspiration on how to use SMS in the public sector, here’s our best practice public sector white paper.

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Could SMS save us from skin cancer?

SMS could help reduce skin cancerAlthough it doesn’t feel like it, summer is just a few months away. With this in mind, how can healthcare providers keep us safe in the sun?

New research by QUT, Cancer Council Queensland and University of Queensland suggests that sending a text could prevent skin cancer. Their 12-month trial, targeted at people aged between 18 and 42, found that SMS was a flexible and effective communication channel.

Within the study, text messages were sent to promote sun protection. This involved sending reminders to wear sunscreen and advice messages around limiting their time in the sun between 10am and 4am. Messages were also sent to encourage early detection by checking their skin for early signs.

The results from this trial were really encouraging – sun protection habits and self-examination had dramatically improved. The proportion of people that were now self-examining had increased from 37% to 63%.

Could SMS be the answer to reducing the amount of people diagnosed with skin cancer and to increasing early detection?

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We’re hiring – top ten reasons why you should apply for a job at Esendex

Ten reasons to work at Esendex

As a rapidly growing company, we’re always looking for fresh talent. We’ve got some awesome vacancies in Operations, Development, Marketing, Routing and more.

Here at Esendex, not only do we work hard, but we play hard too! One of our secrets to success is providing the environment for employees who are passionate about what they do, to be the best they can be. Here’s ten reasons why you should apply for a job at Esendex:

1. Continuous development
We like to help our staff become the best they can be, so you will always have opportunities to develop and learn new skills. At Esendex, we provide relevant training, support and opportunities to go to relevant conferences and events.

2. Our way of working
We don’t come to work just to sit at our desk all day! We like to be creative in our ways of working. You could be doing anything from stand-up meetings to brainstorming sessions involving lots of sticky notes or even creating functional team planning boards. Our developers are also very proud of our agile way of working.

3. Socials
Every month we have a social to get stuck into. So whether it’s bowling, white water rafting or a summer barbeque, there’s always something going on!

4. Beer o’clock
When the clock strikes 4:30pm on a Friday, you will find us cracking open a bottle of beer or sipping a gin and tonic.

5. Passionate about what you do
It’s great to come to work and know you’re surrounded by people that are passionate about what they do. Our team are regularly attending events such as Hack Manchester and Tech Nottingham - they also enjoy going to networking events such as Drink Digital.

6. City centre location
We love the fact that our offices are right in the middle of Nottingham’s city centre – it’s great for transport and the shops and restaurants are right on our doorstep too.

7. ShipIt day
Twice a year we hold a ShipIt day. Basically it’s 26 hours for all staff (not just our devs), to work on whatever they want – whether that’s to improve a business product or process that’s already there or develop something completely new, everyone loves to get involved.

8. Get your say
Everyone here has a voice and it actually gets heard. There’s a staff council that will listen to your idea (you’ll also have chance to be in this). This enables staff to input into daily Esendex life. Yoga, Spanish lessons, charity fundraising and monthly socials are just a few things that have been put in place.

9. Fun office
We’re really proud of our modern, stylish office. We have a den with sofas, bean bags a pool table and a brilliant coffee machine – it makes getting up for work that little bit easier.

10. Getting active
We have great gym facilities including a pool and squash courts that everyone can use for free! There’s even plenty of opportunity to dive into sporting events – this could be a triathlon or even a 50 mile bike ride.

Are you feeling inspired? Why not check out our careers and apply today.

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Severe weather warning… are you prepared?

The MET office have recently issued a severe weather warning across the UK. In the coming weeks heavy snow and bitterly cold conditions are set to hit, causing pandemonium and mass disruption to services all over the UK! Are you ready?

Don’t get snowed under by the bad weather, simply follow our list of suggestions to send effective SMS:

Prepare for the bad weather

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Esendex healthcare workshop

SMS in healthcare workshopWe’ve organised a healthcare workshop for the 26th of February at University College London Hospitals. Back in November, we hosted our first workshops that were dedicated to both the public and private sector and they were a massive success!

It will be a great opportunity to network, share best practice and gain insight first hand from organisations like University College London Hospitals, North 51 Healthcare, The University of Nottingham (Health Education /E-learning Media) and Optimum Contact (Customer feedback, FFT).

Whether you’re looking at driving staff efficiency, reducing DNA’s (Did Not Attend’s) or improving patient outcomes, SMS can deliver the right message to the right person at the right time!

For more information here’s our workshop flyer. If you’re interested in attending our workshop call 0845 356 5758 or send an email to – we hope to see you there!

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Say goodbye to SMS in NHSmail and hello to Esendex!

Text messaging in healthcare

For many, the 31st of March 2015 will bring about the closure of the NHSmail SMS service. NHS England have recently confirmed they will continue to fund SMS for primary care organisations such as GP practices or pharmacists, but this will end on the 30th of September 2015.

With SMS in healthcare proving to be invaluable, NHS trusts all over the country will be searching for a replacement provider.

Here at Esendex we offer a quick, easy and cost-effective method to communicate with your staff and patients. We’ve been working with hundreds of healthcare organisations large and small for over 13 years, so we know a thing or two about using SMS to optimise your communication.

Whether you’re using SMS for sending appointment reminders, planning staff shifts or even sending motivational messages, our trusted SMS services are the perfect replacement!

If you’re looking for inspiration and tips then look no further – here’s our best practice healthcare whitepaper.

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Make your New Year’s resolutions stick!

New Year's resolutions

Every year we start with good intentions, setting ourselves resolutions – however, the majority of us struggle to make these survive a month! Whether we sack off the gym in favour of a night in front of the TV, or we’re back to polishing off a big bag of Maltesers to ourselves – the fact is our New Year’s resolutions rarely stick.

Let’s make this year different and set a resolution that’s not only achievable, but also extremely effective. 2015 will be the year of kicking our communication into shape!

To help you stick to your resolution this year, here’s our top tips to get the most out of your SMS:

Have a clean out
Tidy up all your data! Get rid of any out of date or incorrect contacts so you are sending your SMS to the right people every time.

Clear message

It’s easy to get lost in the communication you’re sending – be sure to have a clear focus in mind. Your customers, staff or even suppliers don’t want to be bombarded with irrelevant messages, make sure each time you press send you have a reason to text.

How many is too many?
This is the age old dilemma – you don’t want to overload your customers with text messages, but equally you don’t want to be sending too few and miss an opportunity! In 2015 really take the time to find the right balance, and you’ll be on to a winner.

Mix it up
When you are sending marketing messages via SMS, you may be sending similar texts, but make sure you change the content each time you send. No one wants to read the same text over and over…

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