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APIcon 2014 is just around the corner!

APIcon 2014 is fast approaching! This means it’s not long till we’ll be gathering with fellow API enthusiasts to learn, create and debate anything and everything API. With this in mind we thought it would be a perfect time to share with you our SMS integration white paper.

Download it today for more insight into integrating SMS into each and every application. Also, for more inspiration take a look at our customer stories to see how companies like Ocado and Capgemini are using our API to help their businesses become more effective.

Download white paper

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Esendex Last Minute Triathlon

Last Sunday a few of us took part in the Esendex Last Minute Tri - an event which we sponsor every year!

This year over 400 people participated; Nathan Veall claimed victory in the men’s event coming in first place in just under 52 minutes – very impressive! Kayleigh Adams secured first place in the women’s event in just over 59 minutes – a brilliant performance!

It was also the perfect opportunity for the more competitive out of us to go head to head, battling it out to get the best time. All their hard work paid off as they tackled a 400m swim, 20km bike ride and a 5 km run!

It was an epic performance by the Esendex team – Jonathan took it all in his stride as did Lee, despite it being his first time! Geoff flew round the course and Luke’s bike had never travelled so fast. Iain finished with a great time even after his electrocution at the Tough Mudder the day before. Richard was pretty fast as well, finishing just a few minutes after an hour!

So a massive congratulations to everyone who took part!Esendex team at Esendex Last Minute Triathlon

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We’re sponsoring APIcon 2014!

APIcon logoWe’re pleased to announce we’re sponsoring APIcon 2014! From 24th-26th September we’ll be talking about all things API in our talk, our workshop and on our stand.

Here at Esendex, our developers love what they do and are brimming with enthusiasm, good ideas and not forgetting brilliant code. So, naturally we want to get out there, share our ideas and learn from the rest of the developer community!

APIcon is a 3 day interactive conference for app developers, public API providers and those developing an API strategy – the perfect opportunity to learn, create and debate anything and everything API.

Andrew Seward, one of our product managers, will be heading up our speaking session. He’ll be using his wealth of expertise to share how important it is for an API to be considered a product in its own right, not just by you but your whole company.

Jack Thorley, software developer at Esendex, will be running a workshop on how easy it is to make use of the Esendex API in your software. He’ll also be sharing some great ideas on how to use SMS to revolutionise your business communications.

Throughout the event ,we’ll have a stand to share inspiration, tips and advice – if you’re heading to APIcon why not pop over, say hi and find out how SMS can transform your business.


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How to communicate in healthcare, the easy way

Doctor image

Recent figures suggest that 12 million GP appointments are missed each year, costing a whopping £162 million! Since using SMS for appointment reminders, Chelsea and Westminster hospital foundation trust reduced its DNAs by an impressive 26%.

With a simple SMS reminder shown to dramatically decrease DNAs (Did Not Attends), why not put our SMS services to good use?

Given that we’re exhibiting at the Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo on the 24th September, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you our healthcare white paper!

Download today to gain some insight into how SMS can be used in healthcare. Whether it’s appointment reminders, test results or organising shifts; SMS ensures that your message is delivered quickly.

Download healthcare whitepaper

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We’re exhibiting at the Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo 2014!

HETT Expo logoWe love having the chance to chat about tech with lots of new people, and that’s why we’re excited to be exhibiting at the Healthcare Efficiency Through Technology Expo 2014 - this month, September 24th!

The HETT Expo is a fantastic place for anyone in the healthcare industry to get together, share ideas and to see what technology is available.

Having worked with the likes of Bupa, Epilepsy Society and many more, we know first hand how powerful SMS can be in the healthcare industry. So, if you’re planning on visiting the HETT Expo, feel free to pop over and say hi – we’ll be at stand 260. We’ll be around all day to answer any questions you may have and we’ll also be explaining how SMS is used across the healthcare industry.

It’s free to attend if you’re working in the NHS, public sector, charities, social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. We hope to see you there – you can register here!

If you can’t wait till then, why not have a look at our healthcare white paper.

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Introducing…a brand new website!

We’ve just completely re-designed our website! With our customer needs in mind we’ve focused on making the site more intuitive, more interactive with better resources, such as white papers and customer stories.

Our new site has also been built to be responsive, catering for the growing number of users visiting our site on mobile devices. Not only this but the whole project has been completed from start to finish by our talented in-house marketers and web development team!

Please take a look at our website – we’d love to hear what you think! Send any feedback to

the new Esendex website

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Tech more, sleep less

Texting in bed

Ofcom’s new study reveals our nation spends more time immersed in technology each day than sleeping – how we’ve changed! Britons spend on average 8 hours 41 minutes on digital media or communications and only 8 hours 21 minutes sleeping – how do we find the time to work!?

A good night’s sleep just isn’t a priority anymore; instead we’re glued to our phones, TV and the Internet (just a few amongst an ever growing list). Ofcom also predicted that text messaging, instant messaging and social media have replaced voice calls with 94% of our electronic communication being text based. Quite frankly no other communication channel can compete.

What does this mean for you?

With mobile phones as our new favourite accessory, you can reach customers, staff, suppliers and so on whenever you need.

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Your customers are changing – are you?

The mobile revolution has seriously transformed the way we communicate! New Ofcom research has revealed Britons can’t be without their mobile phones or internet. These are now just as essential to our nation as the air we breathe, the clothes we wear and the house we live in! What’s more, according to Ian Carrington there are now more mobile phones than toothbrushes, making SMS an ideal channel to reach your customers.

Gone are the days of picking up your landline and making a call. Nowadays, just 160 characters and the click of a button is all it takes. What’s better is it makes everyone’s lives much easier and people actually like to receive appointment reminders, updates, delivery confirmations and many more via SMS!

With SMS having a staggering 98% open rate (Frost & Sullivan), it’s no surprise why so many businesses are using text messages to communicate with their customers.

We think our new and improved Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sums up this change perfectly!

maslows hierarchy

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What do your customers really think?


We are extremely excited to be bringing you something completely new – SMS surveys! These can be sent automatically to follow up after meetings, phone calls or appointments, allowing you to receive instant feedback.

How will SMS surveys help you?

• Instant– Everyone carries their mobile phone with them wherever they go – leaving the house without your phone is on par with stepping out without dressing yourself! SMS surveys are received instantly so the experience is still fresh in your customers mind.

• Effective - As a nation we are addicted to our mobile phones and are rarely caught without them – even using them at the dinner table and in the bathroom! According to IPSOS MORI, SMS enjoys up to 77% response rates. In IPSOS’ research 66% of consumers said they would prefer to be surveyed by SMS again, rather than by email or phone and 95.3% said they’d be likely to respond to an SMS survey request.

• Honesty is the best policy - Conrad and Schober found that SMS surveys generated more honest feedback as there is no time pressure, so respondents have time to give more thoughtful answers. Also, as they aren’t speaking directly with someone they are less likely to sugar-coat their answers, giving you the honest feedback you need.

• Customer retention – The power of SMS surveys means you can easily highlight unhappy customers or customers on the verge of leaving. You can then rectify any problems and enjoy loyal customers for many years to come!

If this hasn’t already convinced you, why not contact us today for more information or a trial –


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Esendex Last Minute Triathlon

Running In Triathlon

Here at Esendex, we’re gearing up for the 14th September when we’ll be sponsoring the Last Minute Triathlon again! We’re also taking part, so in just under two months we will be swimming, riding and sprinting our way to the finish line.

As part of our sponsorship we will be providing all the text messages for the event! This means courtesy of Esendex, everyone who takes part will receive their results and completion times after the race, so it’s easier than ever to track your progress year on year.

Be sure to stay tuned and see how we get on!

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