New: Introducing Mobile Journeys

We’re excited to let you know about our latest product which has just launched !mobile-journeys-blog

Mobile Journeys are powered by Esendex and offer an effective, economical and engaging alternative to the the more traditional and costly methods of customer engagement such as telephone, email and letter. By guiding your customers to a desired outcome that works for them, you minimise distraction and instead gain 100% focus on your goals and calls-to-action

With 66% of UK adults now owning a smartphone, the product development team here at Esendex saw a perfect opportunity to develop our proven intelligent and transactional SMS based solutions. Our new developments  help businesses radically change their customer interactions, saving money on labour intensive processes including costly systems and infrastructure, but best of all… it really is simple to implement and use.

Supercharge your customer’s experience

Whether you need to process payments, take your customers through a journey on a form or tailor promotions; our technology enables you to powerfully engage with your customers on a whole new level and at a time and place that suits them. With 9 out of 10 smartphone owners taking an action on their smartphone device can you afford not to consider your own Mobile Journey ?

Payments – Our solution makes it easy for your customers to make payments. If you’re collecting debt or your customers need to settle a loan or pay Council Tax; Mobile Journeys process secure transactions. What’s more our platform is PCI DSS compliant too!

Forms – Capturing data has never been easier. Mobile forms are a great way to collect valuable insights and data that will benefit your business – financial commitments, income and expenditure details, customer feedback and more!

Promotions – Get your offer out there with mobile promotions. Whether you’re offering a discount, freebee or launching a new product; Mobile Journeys will help you spread the word to boost sales.

Fancy taking Mobile Journeys for a spin ?
Our sales team will be more than happy to answer any questions and give you a demo of the Mobile Journeys. Call us today: 0345 356 5758 or email:

3 reasons to love Esendex

Here at Esendex we’re passionate about making business communication better. Our customers large and small love our solutions and the results our services help them to achieve. To help you decide on a business communication provider that goes the extra mile, we’ve put together an infographic illustrating 3 of the many reasons to love Esendex:

3 reasons to love Esendex infographic

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What should you look for in your SMS service provider?

Looking for an SMS provider

Choosing an SMS provider is much like choosing the right pair of shoes, the perfect tailored suit or even your next holiday. It has to meet all your needs and deliver the desired results – whether that’s looking the part for your next business meeting, creating lasting memories or communicating effectively.

To make sure you’re using the right text messaging provider we’ve put together some key questions you should ask yourself.

Are they reliable?
No matter what message you’re trying to send you need to know that it will get delivered on time – after all no one wants to receive an appointment reminder after the appointment or a delivery notification after their parcel has arrived! We’ve got direct connections to all the major networks so there’s no middle man; it will always be sent straight to the recipient, using the best route possible.

Can I get the support I need?
Should you have any queries or issues you need to know there is a real person waiting to help. Before deciding on an SMS service it’s essential that you know they are easily contactable. Our customers can contact our friendly and experienced team via phone, email or live chat so they know there is always help at hand.

Is API integration easy?
If you’re looking to send automated messages with an SMS API you should look for a provider that makes things easy. Here at Esendex we’ve got a team of in-house developers focused on making our API as intuitive as possible. We’ve got a dedicated developer site with all the SDKs, sample code and documentation you will need to get started.

Will my data be secure?
It’s important you know that any data you share will be secure. Protecting our customers data is important to us. We’re ISO 27001 certified, a globally recognised security standard, so your data is in safe hands.

Do they have industry experience?
If a provider has been around for a while then they should know a thing or two about sending SMS! This will prove invaluable for providing with you useful tips and best practices. We were established way back when in 2001 and in this time we’ve grown considerably – we know everything there is to know about the trusty text message!

Can I try before I buy?
It’s important to try out text messaging providers before you commit to buying credits so you can be sure they’re what you’re looking for. We offer businesses a 7 day free trial so you will have 25 credits to play with.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and quality SMS provider you’ve come to the right place. Check out the Esendex website or get in touch for more information.

What is digital transformation and how can local government tap into it?

Innovating and thinking of new ways to engage with residents in local government could deliver services that are better targeted and more efficient.

According to Brian Solis digital transformation can be defined as “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”

This infographic explores the potential of digital technology and how to overcome challenges within local government, highlighting key reasons for change.

DT-282-government-infographic-05 (1)

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Give a little – we have raised £10,000 for Framework!

Esendex raising money for FrameworkHere at Esendex we’re strong believers in lending a helping hand to those most in need. We’ve been supporting Framework for nearly 4 years. They’re a local charity and housing association working to prevent the causes and consequences of homelessness.

This week we reached an impressive milestone which we’re really proud of – over the years we’ve raised £10,000 (and counting) for this great cause! The money we have raised will go a long way towards helping Framework’s notable efforts.

We’ve got stuck into bake-off’s, colour run’ssleeping rough for the night, Framework Days and more – all in the name of fundraising, but we don’t want to stop there! We’re gearing up for our next challenge on Saturday. Equipped with our walking gear and some impressive views we will be tackling Framework’s second annual Trek at the Peak District spread over an extensive 22 miles!

If you fancy supporting our team and helping to raise money for Framework just visit our JustGiving page.

Going mobile for International Day of Charity


This Saturday is International Day of Charity – it’s a great day to recognise all the hard work that charities do and encourage donations.

Research shows that those aged over 60 are twice as likely to give to charity than those under 30 (Charities Aid Foundation – CAF). Charities need to innovate to find ways to actively target the younger generation and inspire them to lend a helping hand.

Particularly in the younger generation, mobile technology is a part of everyday life. Over 85% of generation Y own a smartphone (Nielsen).

Sending an SMS is a quick, cheap and effective way of communicating important messages. Charities can text any contacts they have to motivate them to make another donation. This can be really effective around Christmas, New Year and Easter when people are feeling that little bit more generous.

For that little extra touch send a friendly thank you SMS once a donation has been made – you could even give them an idea of where their money is going.

Debt collection with an impact!

Using SMS for collecting debtNew figures show that local authorities are more and more reliant on bailiffs to collect debt – in fact it’s up 16% in the last two years (Money Advice Trust MAT). Innovating and thinking of new ways to encourage people to pay off any outstanding council tax or parking fines could save a considerable amount of time and also has a positive social impact.

A report by the Children’s Society has identified that most families who have been visited by the bailiffs say their children were at home at the time – the majority saying it left their children feeling frightened or worried. It’s thought up to 1.6 million children have been affected.

We’ve put together a few ways you can use digital technologies to increase repayments and reduce a reliance on bailiffs.

91% of adults keep their phone within arms reach (Morgan Stanley) so it’s almost impossible to miss a message through your device. Once a payment has been missed you can send an SMS reminder direct to their mobile. Including a link to an online payment portal is then a great way to encourage more people to settle their debt.

SMS chat
If people are struggling financially and aren’t able to settle their debts right away, giving them a friendly and less threatening way to get in touch is a simple but effective way of coming to an arrangement that works for both sides.

Offering an SMS chat service gives them the ability to talk through their issues with an agent and it seems much less daunting than having to speak on the phone. Having these conversations is a great starting point to getting debts settled.

Implementing an interactive voice response system provides another way to pay. Citizens can call up and pay over the phone. Automating the payment process helps to reduce your call volumes and give your agents more time to spend encouraging repayments.


How to break the cycle of inefficiency

Business IVR Is your business inundated with calls day in, day out? The overwhelming volume inevitably leads to your agents being swamped and frustrated customers facing long waiting times. An interactive voice response (IVR) system could be the answer.

62% of best-in-class companies use IVR platforms to deliver great customer service (Aberdeen Group). Here’s 5 ways a business IVR can work for you:

1. Quick and easy
82% of customers say fast service is the number one factor to a great customer experience (LivePerson). When customers engage with your IVR they can either solve their own issues or connect to an agent making the process much simpler. Also by connecting with the right department the first time around it reduces call times, freeing up your agents to have quality conversations with more customers.

2. In your customers’ hands
In the last five years the number of consumers that prefer automated self service has doubled to 55% (Convergys). With this in mind giving your customers an option to self serve is crucial to keeping them happy. An IVR gives the best of both worlds – they have the freedom to solve their own problems, but have the reassurance that they can connect with an agent.

3. Reduce costs, improve efficiency
An effective IVR platform will help you to automate certain engagements so your customers don’t need to be on the phone with an agent to make a payment, receive balance updates or make a request. This ultimately means less calls into your contact centre helping to ease queues and save costs.

4. Never turn off
You don’t need to have someone constantly manning the phone to make sure you never miss a call. An IVR is 24/7 so customers will have options to self serve or can even leave a voice message out of business hours.

5. It’s the future
Get ahead of the game – by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship with organisations without interacting with a human (Gartner). An interactive voice response service feels personal but doesn’t require interaction with an agent, unless they choose to.

To break the cycle of inefficiency once and for all implement an IVR to see your costs reduced, more efficient processes and most importantly happier customers!

Esendex are getting colourful!

colour-run-blog-image-largeHere in the Esendex office we’re gearing up for The Color Run in Birmingham this Saturday – we’re ready to walk, jog and run the five-kilometer course, whilst being splattered from head to toe in every colour under the sun! All the money that we raise will be going to Framework.

Framework is a charity focusing their efforts on helping homeless people and preventing homelessness – the work they do really makes a difference. We have raised a lot of money for Framework over the last couple of years, from taking part in grueling 25 mile long walks, bake off’s and even sleeping rough for the night!

If you’re feeling generous and fancy donating to a good cause, here’s our Just Giving page.

Never miss a conversation with voice callbacks

blog-sms_chatNowadays we’re constantly on the move, whether that’s at work, shopping, exercising or on the school run, it’s becoming more difficult for businesses to have meaningful conversations with their customers.

Businesses are generally faced with two options, either call their customers at a time that may not be convenient, or customers can call in and wait to connect to an agent – when time is so valuable, neither option is effective.

Voice callbacks are transforming this process. Customers can reply to a text message or text a shortcode to receive an instant or scheduled callback. Not only is it more convenient, but calling when you know they’re available leads to more valuable conversations.

This communication tool is versatile and can be used across a variety of industries to make it easier for your customers to get in touch, from debt collection and financial services to public sector and retail. Whether they need to make a payment or have a query on a housing or loan application, voice callbacks help you to become more efficient.

In order to truly keep your customers happy you need to make interacting easy with a variety of touchpoints available. Take a look at our SMS, voice, web and multichannel solutions today for inspiration.