SMS solutions for banks and financial services

Customer communications that increase engagement and get results

With over twenty years of experience working with financial services businesses, Esendex is your trusted partner for customer communications. Our SMS solutions cover everything from payment reminders to one time passwords (OTPs) – helping you to drive down the cost to serve, and improve customer satisfaction.

Trusted by leading financial services brands to deliver powerful SMS communications

Esendex helps financial services businesses to stand out in a competitive market – with fast and frictionless communications that empower customers to manage their finances in a secure and convenient way. With an average open rate of 98%, SMS for banks and financial services cuts through the noise and ensures critical information is delivered. Customers are encouraged to self-serve too, reducing the number of inbound calls and emails your contact centre receives.

Transform communications

Take the stress out of mortgages and loans with regular SMS updates that keep customers up to date on how their application is progressing.

Instant feedback from customers

Drive continuous improvements through quick-fire SMS surveys – including after a support call.

Debt repayment solutions

Help customers manage debt with a friction-free and automated mobile journey that puts control into their hands.

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Reduce support overheads and improve customer satisfaction with SMS and business messaging

Control support costs with automated messaging that keeps customers informed and encourages them to take action.

From reducing phone queue times, to speeding up mortgage and loan approvals, you can bring down the cost to serve and boost customer satisfaction at the same time.

In the palm of your customers’ hands

Clear, direct and delivered straight to their mobile, SMS for banking is one of the best ways to reach people – and Esendex offers both no-reply SMS alerts or SMS Chat to enable two-way dialogue.

Our platform supports other communications such as WhatsApp and email too, giving customers the flexibility to choose how and where they interact with you.

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Combat fraud with secure SMS verification

One time passwords (OTPs) and SMS alerts are key weapons in the fight against fraud in the financial services industry.

These measures protect both customers and your business from financial losses, and send a clear message that you have robust security processes in place.

Two factor authentication is offered for extra account assurance, so your customers can log in securely.

Read our guide to learn more about setting up and Sending SMS OTPs and 2FA.

Debt collection and repayment solutions with seamless mobile journeys

Remind customers of upcoming debits, and encourage proactive payments with SMS and mobile messaging channels.

Esendex offers ethical and effective mobile strategies for recovering and managing debt. We can help you create a transactional journey that’s convenient for customers and delivers secure and robust mobile payments, all via their handsets.

Learn more about our Debt Recovery and Repayment Solutions.

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Engage customers on their preferred channels

As well as SMS, Esendex offers rich messaging (RCS), Whatsapp and advanced mobile journeys for a seamless customer experience with your finance business.

We help you to engage in meaningful dialogue with your customers, by providing the flexibility to choose how, when and where you interact with them.

A messaging solution with security and compliance locked in

Working with the highly-regulated financial services sector, we understand that security and compliance are critical – so they’re locked into our platform.

We are ISO27001 and FSQS accredited, and take a ‘privacy by design’ approach to product development to help you protect your customers’ data and comply with laws such as GDPR.

Customer story

Increasing incoming payments with an automated collections service

Discover how Esendex helped CASH4UNOW reduce collection costs and increase incoming payments with intelligent mobile messaging automations.

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