SMS messaging for healthcare providers

Turn communication into action with engaging patient messaging 

Esendex helps you to empower patients with quick and secure SMS solutions that deliver critical information and reduce the risk of no-shows. Our SMS solutions for healthcare can be used for appointment confirmations and reminders, test results, and surveys – helping to improve patient experiences and outcomes. 

Trusted by leading healthcare brands to deliver powerful SMS communications

Whether you’re a dentist, physiotherapist or GP, patient satisfaction is critical to your practice and reputation. Esendex helps you deliver this with secure SMS solutions that make it easy for patients to access the services they need and take control of their health. With an open rate of up to 98%, SMS is the perfect way to deliver time-sensitive and critical information. 

Timely reminders

Reduce no-shows by alerting patients to upcoming appointments with automated SMS reminders.

Quick and easy feedback

  Get instant feedback from SMS surveys to inform your planning and improve patient experience.

Improve patient outcomes

Share test results, after-care support and medication reminders to provide value-added support.

Photo of man and woman sat in healthcare organisation waiting room on their mobile phone. Overlaid with text message bubbles depicting an appointment reminder and asking the patient to rate their experience of the service post-appointment.

Solve your communication challenges 

Letters and emails can easily be lost or left unread.

With its 98% open rate, SMS is an effective way to deliver information directly to a patient’s phone.

Keep patients informed, get valuable feedback and make life easier for your team with our healthcare SMS and mobile messaging solutions.

Reduce overheads and improve patient experience 

SMS is a fast and cost-effective communication method with texts sent for as little as 2.2p, and delivered within five seconds.

This frees up your team to focus on delivering excellent patient services.

sms reminder from doctors for an upcoming appointment

Reduce no-shows

No shows cost money, waste valuable resources and impact other patients.

Remind customers of upcoming appointments, scheduled tests or prescription collections.

Automated SMS appointment confirmations and reminders make it easier for patients to manage their time and improves overall attendance rates.

Powerful messaging solutions for healthcare organisations.

Discover the full power of our mobile messaging platform.

Maintain the highest security standards

Keeping sensitive patient data safe is non-negotiable for healthcare providers. Esendex is ISO 27001 accredited and supports compliance with GDPR – so data is protected to the highest standards. This helps you to maintain trust and improve engagement with patients.

Get up and running in minutes

Our solutions are quick-to-implement without the need for IT support, minimising disruption for staff and patients. Simply log in to start creating messages from the many templates available, and manage distribution and reporting in a secure and compliant way.

Inclusive service

Healthcare providers must offer an inclusive service – and with near universal mobile phone ownership, SMS helps you to reach everyone, even when they’re not online.

Let’s start sending, together.

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Customer story

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Using SMS-generated reviews and feedback to improve customer experience

Discover how HealthHarmonie used Esendex to drive 3x more patient data, enabling them to optimise their customer experience.

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