RCS Messaging: What could the future look like?

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Making engagements between brands and consumers more aural, visual and interactive, RCS (Rich Communication Service) enables brands to use features commonly associated with OTT apps and apply them to SMS; think instant group chats and file sharing.
In a previous post, we touched upon what RCS is and its origins. With Google’s plans to make RCS messaging a part of the latest Android phone models as standard, we’re exploring what it could make the future of mobile look like as it catapults SMS into the modern age of mobile technology.
Although a feature still in development and not yet widely available on Android devices, RCS is a pretty hot topic in communication.
There are already some major brands sharing a keen interest in RCS messaging including Virgin Trains, Philips and Subway who have already opted into Google’s Early Access Program.Taxi RCS

Pitch perfect branding

Producing on-brand communication with customers, clients and staff, across every medium, is every marketer’s dream  And whether it’s an accurate colour palette, photos, videos or intonation with RCS messaging you have more opportunities to personalise and tailor your message and showcase your brand.
With the ability to send rich ‘app-like’ cards providing key information about e-commerce orders, taxi journeys, offers, promotions, digital receipts and more, RCS offers an app-like experience, for Android users, without any need for downloads.

Interactive messaging

The option to adopt interactive buttons instead of easily-missed URL links offers opportunities to increase the likelihood of an action being taken, boosting message click-through-rates.
Geolocation can also be incorporated for convenience. In our taxi example below, not only will the recipient be able to see the route of the taxi and its current location, using geolocation there is an additional option to contact the driver or modify the pick-up address instantly through a simple text message.

Get a feel for RCS with our infographic

Trying to imagine what RCS messaging could look like for your business? Take a look at our latest infographic. As more information becomes available, we’ll continue to post updates which should hopefully spark some ideas for upcoming mobile marketing campaigns.

RCS Messaging

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