Keeping customers informed: 16 great templates for SMS alerts

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With 91% of the world having access to a mobile phone and an average open rate of 98%, SMS is an excellent channel for keeping customers informed, no matter where they are. Plus, more than 90% of people open texts within the first 90 seconds of receiving one, so you can be sure your messages have been seen. 

Here are 16 SMS templates that you can use for your own text alerts and notifications, from public health and safety to IT security and back-in-stock reminders. 

Health and safety

Weather and natural disaster

ALERT: [THREAT] warning in place for [AREA] until [DATE/TIME]. More info: [LINK]


[ORGANISATION NAME]: Mandatory evacuation in [AREA]. More information: [LINK]

Public safety

[THREAT] risk in this area. Please stay safe. To report an incident, please call [NUMBER]


Please be aware that [ROAD] will be closed from [DATE] to [DATE] for repairs. Consider alternative routes and allow extra time for travel.


[WEATHER] has the potential to cause significant disruption and prolonged power outages. In anticipation, we’ve increased the number of crew and equipment to respond to outages as quickly and safely as possible. Here’s how you can prepare too: [LINK]

Product recall

We have recalled [PRODUCT] due to [ISSUE]. Please stop using the item immediately. For more info, visit: [LINK]

IT security

We have detected unauthorised access on your account. Change your password as soon as possible.

Data breach

We recently identified and shut down a security incident that involved some of your account information. Your financial and personal details were not affected. Please visit our website for more info.

System disruption

We are conducting some essential maintenance from [DATE] to [DATE], so you may experience intermittent service during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Local authority

School closure

[SCHOOL] will be closed today due to [INCIDENT]. Regular school hours will resume from [DATE].


The local elections are coming. Don’t forget to register to vote: [LINK]

[LOCAL AUTHORITY NAME]: You now need your photo ID to vote at a polling station. View the list of accepted forms of photo ID here: [LINK]



Our VIP sale starts from [DATE]! And we have a treat to say thank you for being such a loyal customer. Use THANKYOU to get [%] off your order.

The [SEASON] sale ends today at [TIME]. Don’t miss out on up to [%] savings!

Your order is on the way! Track it here: [LINK]

One of the items you ordered is out of stock, so we’re sending you a partial refund. To say sorry for the inconvenience, use SORRY to get [%] off your next order.

SMS gets your messages seen

With its high open and click rates, there are few channels better than SMS for getting your messages seen by customers. Ensure your text message alerts are remembered when you use some of the great features of the channel, such as the ability to add links to branded landing pages, activate two-way chats and more.

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