Hands-on coding experience for NUAST students

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The Esendex office welcomed back students of Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology (NUAST) as they spent an afternoon getting hands-on experience with our developer team.
In order to inspire and support the next generation of developers and programmers, we believe it’s important to demonstrate what to expect in the working world of development. One of our lead developers, Robin Cox took the reins this year and coordinated the day based on last year’s feedback.nuast-taster-day
After a short presentation from Robin, the students were paired up with a member of our team and got stuck into exploring our API code and sending SMS to their mobiles.
Although the pupils are currently using Python in the classroom, on this taster day they were able to see how other programming languages such as C# are implemented.
For some of the students, it was the first time they had stepped into a work environment. Abdullah, who was inspired to study Computer Science as he has a tech-orientated family, was pleasantly surprised by the office atmosphere.
“I expected people to have their own cubicle but it’s really open plan so you can chat and discuss work with each other”
NUAST student, Kate, said that she really enjoyed her time working with developer Tommy Ly on sending and receiving text messages using C# and Javascript.
“I feel like it’s going to help with coding in the future… being able to sit down and talk to someone who really knows what they’re doing and picking stuff up as you go”
NUAST feedbackIt was fantastic to see a mix of young faces, taking a keen interest in studying Computer Science and were enthusiastic about working in the industry. Following a lively question and answers session, the day was brought to an end with a guided tour of the Nottingham office.
The feedback from the students and their teacher Dan Wood was overwhelming. We look forward to seeing them at future Nottingham tech community events.

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