What are the benefits of RCS?

There are many benefits to using RCS for both businesses and recipients.However, the benefits of RCS don’t stop at improving a customer journey for brands. They go one step further and can actually help to transform the telecommunications landscape for the better.

The benefits of RCS include

Increased customer interaction
More tailored messages to customers
Customers have the potential to complete a purchasing journey without ever leaving their messaging app
Opportunity to reduce pressure on customer care teams, by integrating chat bots to handle the majority of basic requests
Integrate native phone features such as geolocation and calendar integration
Potential to improve brand reputation and customer retention rate due to improved customer service
Negate the need to commission a branded app as RCS messaging should handle all in-app functionality
Customers can have instant access to a wealth of information at the touch of a button from product information, event booking, customer queries, videos or promotions
Help to eradicate fraud in the telecommunications industry
Securely collect unpaid debts
Ability for a customer to reschedule an appointment or delivery
Never be put on hold again

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