What is conversational messaging?

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What is conversational messaging

Conversational messaging is a type of messaging that offers a one-to-one conversation between a business and its customer. Learn about it and its benefits here.

Conversational messaging is the future of customer communications. But, what exactly does it mean? 

It’s a one-to-one conversation between a business and a customer that can happen on any messaging platform. Not only is it an opportunity to be where your customers already are, but these chats are modelled on human behaviour so are designed to feel familiar and comfortable. It builds trust over time and makes your business more efficient, accessible and personable. 

In this blog, we explore the many features and benefits of conversational messaging.

Brings convenience to all

People want on-demand services, when they want them and on the app of their choice. By being available on the platform your customers are already using, you’re creating a more intuitive and convenient customer experience. 

Unlike live chat, conversational messaging allows both customers and agents to converse at their own pace. Conversations won’t disappear, so the customer can pick up the conversations when they’re ready. The same applies for your customer service agents.

Delivers a ‘personalised’ experience

With conversational messaging, businesses can talk to customers, not ‘at’ them. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to create a more meaningful and truly personalised customer experience. 

Chat history is saved and your CRM system can be integrated with the messaging platform, meaning agents can look back on purchase history, and create tailored recommendations. You can even help customers feel special by calling them by their first name, which helps boost customer satisfaction. 

Whatever you decide to do, ensure you’re using information gathered from past and present conversations/interactions. This in turn will offer an authentic, personalised customer experience. 

Boosts customer experience, trust and loyalty 

Via conversational messaging, businesses and consumers can engage with text messages, photos, voice memos, buttons, carousel images and plenty more, creating a richer buying journey. This engaging, interactive experience can help capture your customers’ attention, boost engagement metrics, drive purchasing decisions and more.

Ensuring every customer interaction is engaging, every touchpoint is relevant, and every experience is personalised is what will help you build trust with your customers. This will improve your overall customer experience, leaving your customers satisfied.

Improves internal productivity & efficiency 

Conversational messaging platforms can integrate with other software. This can help centralise your processes and data, making it easier for your staff to access the right information at the right time.

By reducing the amount of time spent searching for data, your agents can focus on higher-value tasks, such as developing customer relationships, personalising experiences and building your brand.

As well as this, you can help free up employees’ time by allowing bots to manage frequently asked questions such as order status, or payment status. Your chatbot can always escalate to a human agent if needed.

Use conversational messaging to improve customer engagement and stay competitive

Creating meaningful, personalised conversations with customers on the platforms they already love will improve their buying journey and accelerate sales. Conversational messaging is simply bringing businesses and people closer together. It’s the future of customer communication and businesses need to take action now before their competitors do. 

If you would like to find out more, then click here to read our ultimate guide to conversational messaging. We explain the do’s and don’ts of conversational messaging, from how it works to why it should become a critical element of your digital strategy.

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