Unveiling the Esendex Hack24 challenge

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The challenge:

Make communication (and the world) better!

Poor communication is at the root of many of the world’s problems, so our challenge is simple: help people communicate better, and hence make the world a better, happier and more peaceful place.
We communicate with each other all day long, but the methods we use are rarely the most efficient or tailored to the task at hand. What problems do you experience when communicating in your daily life?
Want to build the next Twitter? Finally track down alien life? Or how about an App that speaks to whales? Think as freely as you like. Our prize will go to the best overall improvement to communication between living beings.
P.S. Very minor bonus points may go to entries that make use of Esendex products — such as our super fast and reliable SMS and Voice API, Push Notifications service, enriched Mobile Journeys or brand spanking new SMS Surveys — although this is by no means mandatory.
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The prize

Beep boop! Each member of the winning team will take home an adorable and app-enabled Sphero BB-8 droid.
Hack24 prize

Our judge

Alex Lea, Chief Technical OfficerEsendex CTO Alex Lea will judge the challenge. Alex started his career selling runner beans outside his house to fund the purchase of his first computer.  It was this innovative thinking that sparked his career in development, the last six years of which he has spent with Esendex. He and his team have gone on to develop and expand Esendex’s messaging products into new countries and continued to effectively manage a significant increase in transaction volumes. Alex is committed to Esendex’s future product and technical strategy as well as supporting mergers and acquisitions that will deliver the next exciting phase of the company’s growth.

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