The need for speed: 3 benefits of automation

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Millennials now make up 35% of the UK workforce, rising to 50% by 2020 – and a digitally savvy workforce requires fast access to data, applications and assets to feel supported and perform at their best.
A major barrier to this is siloed software suites; in fact it is estimated that the average business uses between 10 and 16 separate applications to get things done (source: Zapier). If this is you, you’re likely to be losing money as well as potential business opportunities.
When choosing software, executives focus on these three main priorities

Source: Trackvia

However, these priorities often become challenges; in fact 31% often cited automation and integration with other applications as their biggest challenge.
43% of companies have identified and placed operation automation projects onto their calendar which means 57% haven’t yet recognised the advantages.
So what can you expect from an integrated application suite?

Number 1Boosted engagement & increased response time

Companies with the strongest omnichannel engagement strategies are 89% more likely to retain their customers compared to 33% with weaker strategies (source: Aberdeen Group), but multiple channels to communicate means increased expectation to respond quickly.
By pulling data from different systems and making them work in sync, it’s possible to automate speedy responses. Appointment reminders, shipment notifications or invoice alerts can all be sped up, meaning engaged customers and even more responsive staff as their time is spent on less repetitive activity.
A great example is our Magento SMS integration via Zapier which enables SMS responses or alerts to be sent to customer or agent whenever new sales, customers, products or invoices are raised.

 Number 2 Easy for the agent, easy for the customer

Integrating with existing solutions means time savings when it comes to enquiry handling, presenting agents with the right information when they need it without having to switch between applications.
Billing platforms should talk to CRM systems, or better still, notifications or alerts automated via mobile to make it easy for the customer to know when payment is required without agents having to chase.
The result is less time-consuming and means no more frustrating transferring of calls or the need for customers to repeat themselves, leading to higher levels of first contact resolution, lower customer effort and a far better customer experience.
72% of Millennials believe a phone call is not the best way to resolve their customer service issue (source: IBM), preferring to solve their own customer service issues. Again, a mobile prompt can drive people to your call centre or to a self-service option, putting the choice back into your customers’ hands.

Number 3Productivity gains

  • Organisations using automated processes are 1.5 times more likely to free up resources for more strategic projects (source: HPE)
  • 40% of productivity is lost when switching between multiple tasks. Human brains are wired to focus on only one thing at a time, so the simplification of workflows brought about by integrating system could be a great opportunity
  • 73% of customer support professionals report that managing time was the biggest issue faced in their teams. Automations driven by integrated systems can remove repetitive activity such as updating customers as to the status of their enquiry, freeing up agents’ time to be more responsive to non-standard challenges

Automation is not a trend, it’s a tactic and could take your business one step closer to becoming an intelligent multichannel business. To discuss your automation requirements call our team on 0345 356 5758.

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