The 5 most famous text messages in history

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Text messages have become an integral part of mobile communication, transforming the way in which individuals interact. The last few years have seen text messages put to a number of new uses, demonstrating their importance.  But what are the 5 most famous text messages in history?
1. “Merry Christmas”
This may not seem like a very original or influential text message, but mobile communication would be lost without it. “Merry Christmas” was the first text message ever written and was sent by Neil Papworth in 1992.
2. “I’ve chosen Joe Biden as my running mate”
This may seem like a strange message but it has become one of the most important in recent history. Barack Obama sent the text to a number of his followers, demonstrating how SMS services can be used in the political world.
3. “Tell the police to hurry. People are dying here!”
This message was sent by a 16 year old girl caught on Utoeya Island when Anders Behring Breivik began shooting people. Calling her mother would have been too dangerous so the young girl sent frequent text messages, keeping her family informed of the situation. Her family were then able to relay information they obtained from the news to her.
4. “I’ve been dreaming all day about having you all to myself”
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick sent this now infamous text message to Christine Beatty, his aide at the time, during the affair they had in 2002-2003. Kilpatrick and Beatty testified in 2007 that they had no sexual or romantic ties. However, this message was among approximately 14,000 examined by police which firmly contradicted their story.
5. “See you later”
This was the final part of a text message sent by Patrick Lumumba, owner of Le Chic bar, to Amanda Knox as he informed her that she did not need to work on the night which Meredith Kercher was murdered. It was analysed, along with thousands of others, as part of the infamous investigation into the murder.

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