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Whilst maximising sales is always a top priority on Valentines Day, so should focusing on building great customer relationships. Here are our top tips to help.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Whilst maximising sales is always a top priority, so should focusing on building great customer relationships. 

So what can you do to elevate your customer relationships, when customer retention is critical for long-term success? Here are some simple ways to help strengthen your customer relationships in the run up to Valentine’s Day (and beyond!). 

  • Personalise your messages 
  • Have natural conversations
  • Focus on excellent customer service
  • Go beyond one single communication channel  

Let’s get personal…

Every interaction can provide valuable data about your customer’s interests, values, and preferences. Personalised messaging via email, text/SMS, WhatsApp and chat bot makes it possible to build an accurate picture of each customer and develop an emotional connection and helps to maintain customer loyalty. 

Take communication one step further by sending creative, rich messages, such as images, GIFs, and videos via WhatsApp Business Platform to ensure every interaction is engaging and memorable. These small but effective additions help you show off your brand personality this Valentine’s Day and deliver a positive experience that your customers will remember, helping you build stronger relationships and stand out from the competition.

Image of an example WhatsApp message sayinh 'Hi Jonny! Our best selling slowers are back in stock.' Showing how businesses can use WhatsApp this Valentines Day

It’s not an awkward first date! Remember to keep conversations natural….

Messaging tools like WhatsApp Business Platform can allow conversations that are two-way and don’t time out, so unlike live chat, customers don’t have to worry about their chats disappearing. They can reply as and when it suits them – just like a conversation with a friend… or a loved one. 

This natural and seamless communication will make your customers’ Valentine’s Day buying experience much more effortless and, in turn, will make them more likely to stay loyal to your brand for the foreseeable.

Make sure your customers fall in love with your customer service 

Like any other commercial holiday, the weeks running up to Valentine’s Day are busy for brands. Our global research indicates that 41% of consumers have got in touch with an organisation’s customer service department over the past three days – rising to 63% over the past week. Therefore, prioritise customer service and internal efficiency – it’s crucial to retain the excellent service your customers already know and love you for. 

If you notice customers asking similar questions, does your messaging toolkit allow you to set up automated responses? This will free up time and allow you to focus on more complex queries. Not only this but make sure your customer service team can manage multiple conversations from one platform to keep things quick and efficient. 

Spread the love – go beyond one single communication channel 

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, your customers are far more likely to maintain an ongoing relationship with you if you can make their interactions as effortless as possible. Multi-channel functionality can offer your customers a seamless brand experience across channels (think email, text/SMS, website chatbot or the WhatsApp Business Platform). 

When brands extend their methods of communication beyond the norm, not only do their products and promotions stand out, but there’s also a real opportunity to engage in richer conversations. This can help strengthen your customer relationships. 

Elevate your customer relationships this Valentine’s Day by using WhatsApp Business Platform 

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, you can connect with your customers better than ever by getting started with WhatsApp Business Platform. From offering a personalised customer experience, richer features, automated responses, to asynchronous two-way conversations, WhatsApp Business Platform can help drive customer loyalty and differentiate you from competitors for the long term. 

Want to learn more about WhatsApp Business Platform? Download our free guide to discover everything you need to know, so you can start having high quality, richer conversations in no time.

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