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SMS surveys in healthcare
Patient satisfaction and comfort is the paramount concern within healthcare, whether you are undertaking clinical trials, running a busy dental practice, GP surgery or NHS Trust. In order to guarantee that comfort, having the right feedback to base key decisions on, which enhance that comfort, is necessary.
SMS surveys from Esendex can make a big difference between how your healthcare establishment is run, how satisfied your patients are and how comfortable they feel, often giving new ideas to reduce waiting times, drive down costs and improve staff efficiency.
But SMS surveys differ dramatically to alternative survey platforms such as email feedback, paper forms or kiosks, giving participants the freedom to answer questions at their convenience, while at home or out and about. This allows service providers to better engage with their customers which means that they will be inclined to give more thoughtful and in turn valuable answers.
In healthcare the chances that the information being dealt with will be of a sensitive nature, is likely, which is where SMS surveys fit perfectly, bringing a higher disclosure level from patients. Granting more anonymity than a phone call or paper form, patients or service users are more likely to respond, and with instant responses.
The uses for SMS surveys doesn’t just stop with external customers, they are often used to find out about your own staff and suppliers, be it health and safety, legislative questionnaires, improvement suggestions or even staff satisfaction.  
SMS Surveys provide maximum engagement and by using the Esendex platform we can convert responses into valuable management information allowing healthcare providers and other businesses to validate processes, capture valuable customer insights and ensure they are delivering the best possible service.
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