Could SMS automation be an early Christmas present for your delivery plans?

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Logistics at Christmas
During December 2014, at least 225,000 parcels each day failed to arrive when promised, and it’s approaching that same time of year again. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas will soon be here causing demand and deliveries to skyrocket. With an influx in demand upon delivery expectations and logistics companies, we take a look at the ways to combat this.
According to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, last year, retailers and delivery companies received a high volume of complaints due to the backlog of deliveries caused by Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount events. 60% of people shopping online said they had problems with the delivery of their item due to loss or damage. Preventing such occurrences could avoid leaving a sour taste in your customers mouths ahead of this year’s greatest shopping events. Being prepared can make all the difference and SMS could be the best approach for executing those plans.
Communicating delivery
If you are a retail company then deals promoted via SMS such as “free shipping” could be a way to encourage customers to shop online with you. 83% of people are willing to wait an extra two days to receive an online order if they get free delivery, a great way to relieve delivery pressure and give yourself some extra time that’s not at the customer’s expense.
Sending regular SMS order and shipping updates is also a great way to keep customers satisfied. With SMS Notifications+ you can select from a choice of automatic triggers varying from order creation right through to order completion, letting customers know when their order is placed and dispatched. Helping customers to have confidence in the brand they’re buying from by giving them the power to reschedule could save further delivery costs.
Communicating while out on the road
It is likely that retailers using free shipping to incentivise sale and pre-holiday purchasing will increase the demand placed on your delivery company paired with fact it’s the lead up to Christmas. This is where communication is important. Integrating your CRM or communications system with our API will enable automated text messages to be sent out to customers when their delivery is out, even allowing them to easily reschedule with the provision of a direct telephone number. Automation can also be used to contact staff where deliveries have been rescheduled while they’re out on the road.
As the fastest and most effective way to communicate, SMS can improve efficiency while cutting the costs of missed deliveries where the recipients are not in or unavailable. Make it easy for your customers to shop at the busiest time of the year with SMS.  For more information on this or any of our other services, please call us on 0345 356 5758.

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