6 ways market research will transform your next campaign

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SMS Surveys are a great way for marketing agencies to get to know their audience better, and deliver more focused and engaging campaigns and adverts. Here are the different ways that they can be used to help collect more data by targeting audience’s mobile phones.

Open rates, clicks, coupon redemptions and press coverage are all tried and trusted mechanisms for measuring the success of a campaign – but it’s still relatively rare for brands or their agencies to ask customers for quantitative feedback about their experience post-transaction.
This is in part because of the low percentage of people responding to requests for feedback: from the automated voice asking if you can stay on the line to complete a survey to an email asking you to leave feedback on an online review platform, these methods can be time consuming and unengaging.
Simply switching the mechanism through which you request feedback can have dramatic results – such as seen by Vaillant, who increased customer feedback from 3% to 47% after adopting SMS Surveys as their channel.
In this process, a customer is sent a text shortly after the transaction has taken place, and can provide feedback through a Y/N mechanism, 0-10 rating, or free-type. It’s convenient, easy for the customer, and can be extensively personalised to drive higher response rates.
Just consider, if almost 50% of your customers responded to feedback requests, what could you improve with that quantity of data?

Here’s our pick of the top six improvements that can be driven through gathering customer feedback:

Number 1

Gather audience attitude and opinion
It’s important that proper research is undertaken in order to better understand the target audience, their motivations, as well as their needs and requirements..
SMS Surveys can help with this by allowing your audience to provide feedback at a time and place which suits them. The feedback gathered can then be easily analysed within a graphical environment, and a more refined campaign can then be created.

Number 2Brand Surveys
Find out what makes your audience tick when it comes to brand loyalty. Why do they prefer using certain brands over others? How often do they engage with their preferred brands? What motivates them to form a relationship with a brand?

Number 3Identify Purchasing Intent
Find out what motivates customers to make a purchase, when they buy, what are their pricing considerations, and which channels do they use to make a purchase. Once all of this data has been collected, marketing agencies can create a more tailored campaign which, more specifically suits that audience.

Number 4Ask staff for their feedback
SMS Surveys can be used to quickly and conveniently find out how effective your employees think proposed or active campaigns and advertisements are. Employees can anonymously provide feedback on upcoming campaigns, and provide ideas for future campaigns too.

Surveys can also be sent to staff to find out how happy they are at work, and how they think the business could improve.

Number 5Website feedback
SMS Surveys are a great way to find out what your audience thinks of websites that you’ve designed. Ask a series of questions like ‘how easy was it to find the information you wanted?’ and ‘did you find a particular tool easy to use?’. 

Number 6Client Feedback
Find out what your customers thought of the service and finished product that you provided, and also what ROI they saw from the campaign. You can also ask whether the client would be willing to work on a joint case stud
y, to further publicise any success stories.

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