6 steps for WhatsApp opt-in success

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To get the most out of WhatsApp Business Platform, you must have a clear opt-in strategy. Read this blog to learn more about WhatsApp opt-in.

Before you initiate a WhatsApp message, you must first obtain the recipient’s opt-in permission. Meta’s opt-in policy states that a business must receive opt-in permission from a user before any communications you send them.

Your opt-in must:

  • State the user is opting in to receive messages from your business via WhatsApp
  • State the business name that the user is opting in to receive messages from
  • Comply with applicable laws

How to collect WhatsApp opt-ins

At a glance, here are the six steps for WhatsApp opt-in success. 

  1. Select an opt-in method

Whether you request opt-in via a user-initiated WhatsApp thread or a form on your website, it’s important that you have obtained permission to send customers communications via this channel. 

Here are some ways you can request opt-in:

  • SMS – request opt-in via SMS
  • Website – use an opt-in form on your website e.g. on your home page, a specific landing page, or at key touchpoints during the purchase process
  • WhatsApp thread – request opt-in during a user-initiated message thread
  • Phone – create an interactive voice response flow
  • Missed call – send an opt-in message to a caller who hangs up before the business answers
  • Paper/in-person – ask customers to sign a hard copy of a document to opt in
  1. Ensure users expect the messages they receive

You can do this by obtaining an opt-in that covers the different types of messages you will send (e.g. order updates or product offers). Alternatively, you can also obtain separate opt-in by specific message category. This will help mitigate the risk of users blocking your business because they’re receiving unsolicited messages.

  1. Explain the value of receiving this information on WhatsApp

This can help lower your opt-out rate because it sets expectations. Plus, it mitigates the risk of people blocking your business because they’re receiving irrelevant or unsolicited messages.

  1. Clearly state how people can opt out of receiving specific types of messages

As well as having a clear opt-in policy, make it easy for people to opt out of receiving communications from you via WhatsApp.

  1. Respect all opt-out requests made

Whether the request is made on or off WhatsApp, you must update your customer’s opt-in preferences and/or remove that person from your contacts list.

  1. Have high-quality conversations

It’s important to facilitate high-quality conversations between people and businesses. People can report or even block businesses which will impact their quality rating. Even just moving down a tier can significantly reduce your daily messages send so it’s important to keep your quality rating as high as possible.

The quality rating system corresponds to the messaging tiers that dictate the amount of messages businesses can send. The quality rating has three levels which include:

  • Green – high quality
  • Yellow – medium quality
  • Red – low quality

You can find the quality rating and messaging limits for your account under the phone number tab in your business’s WhatsApp Business Manager. If your quality rating reaches a low state, you’ll receive an email and notification in the Manager as a warning. Your status will also change to Flagged or Restricted.

Meta may also reactively evaluate a business’ opt-in flows, including reviewing user feedback to flag policy violations and develop additional types of enforcement over time. Read more about quality ratings and limits in WhatsApp here.

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