How SMS marketing is an eco-friendly way to reach customers

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More and more customers across the globe are shopping mindfully and making intelligent purchasing decisions based on environmental considerations.  Every business regardless of whether they sell green products or services are increasingly focused on how to make their operations  – and customer interactions more light touch and sustainable.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to do your bit for the planet is to replace traditional marketing with digital marketing as it costs less, works faster and reduces environmental impact.

Go Green with your Marketing Strategy

17.5 billion pieces of junk mail are produced and distributed each year in the UK and each household receives on average 650 items of junk mail every year. This huge amount of paper waste contributes to the destruction of around 5 million trees. 

Doing away with direct mail campaigns and switching to digital marketing is a great way to go a little greener as a business and reduce some of this massive paper waste. You can also reach out to more of your customers for considerably less cost. However, even with email campaigns there is still some element of waste as some recipients print out an email or the coupon attached.

SMS marketing cuts out this risk. It’s an immediate and targeted way of engaging with customers to grow your business in a much more eco-friendly way. It’s also good for your reputation as 77% of consumers say that they think more highly of businesses that use SMS

Why SMS Marketing is Good for Business 

SMS is all about two-way traffic. It allows you to receive messages from customers in response to what you send them. This high level of personalised interaction gives customers more confidence in dealing with your business as they know they can contact you directly with any queries or problems they may have.

Text messages also allow you to get straight to the point. You can communicate in a quick, simple way that’s easy to read and understand instantly. On average, up to 98% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of receipt and customers don’t need to read through a long email or scroll down to find the good stuff, it’s there right in front of them. What’s not to like about that? 

Currently, 7.26 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone. That’s 91.08% of the global population. In addition, almost half of people (45%)  questioned in a recent survey in America said that their most valuable possession was their mobile phone. People love their phones and have them with them most of the time. Therefore, sending marketing communication directly to these devices is the most convenient and effective method available.

How to use SMS for your Business

Almost 96% of businesses who use SMS feel it’s helped drive revenue.  So, if you’re not using SMS for your brand, now’s the time to consider it. It’s a great way to both reduce your impact on the environment and reach potential and current customers in a quick, simple and effective way. 

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