Does Mobile-Marketing work in the retail sector?

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In the face of the challenges presented by the coronavirus crisis, retailers have to find new ways to keep customers engaged. Here’s how mobile focused marketing can help do exactly that.

The most successful modern retailers have already started to re-evaluate how they market their products to audiences. They know that traditional channels like TV advertisements are in decline because consumers have switched attention to their smartphones. 

With each of us spending well over 3 hours a day on our mobile phones, it’s no surprise that mobile advertising spend has grown by 28015% in the last decade. But do mobile-focused marketing campaigns actually work in retail?

Are retail customers ready for mobile-focused marketing?

Image of rich messages on mobile phones for the retail sector

But don’t stop there – there’s a bigger opportunity around the corner!

Rich messaging takes all of the best parts of plain SMS marketing and takes it to the next level. It combines high open rates, with next-generation functionality like images and video, chatbot integration, interactive buttons and more. All of this is delivered through the latest communication channels like WhatsApp, RCS, and SMS Landing Pages.

It’s all designed to help get your brand seen by more of your audience, and in turn, provide higher converting, stickier customers.

How does rich messaging stack up against the competition?

Let’s take a look at how rich, mobile-focused marketing compares against the ways that retailers are currently sending their personalised messaging experiences.

EmailSMS onlyRich messaging
Message open rate20.9%95%95%
Average customer response time2.5 days90 seconds90 seconds
Link click-through rate4.2%19%27%
Proportion of messages that are spam90%1%0%

Data sources: Oracle | Remarkety | Adobe | Esendex | Digital Doughnut | Ofcom | Jibe by Google

What results have retail customers seen?

  • Having spent £3,022 on RCS/ SMS Landing Page messages over a 12 month period, one of our retail partners generated £48,000 in sales, representing a 1488% ROI
  • When promoting a sale event, deploying a rich, mobile-focused strategy resulted in doubled sales figures for an SMS Landing Page retail customer. This was compared to the previous year’s equivalent sale, which had no such strategy.
  • Having traditionally used a standard SMS campaign to promote their products, a retailer saw a 30% uplift in sales when they deployed an SMS Landing Page campaign.
  • Fashion retailer Express experienced higher than expected engagement for their rich messaging loyalty engagement program – their highest benchmark, with the addition of very low opt-out rates. 60% of the customers who received a rich message from Express, said that they preferred it to their SMS communications
  • Paint retailer Club Comex experienced a 115% revenue increase when using rich messaging compared to a like for like SMS campaign. They also experienced a high click-through rate of 20%, compared with 2% via SMS

Start making more sales today

Esendex have worked with a wide range of retailers to convert more of their audience into paying customers who keep coming back. If you’d like to find out how rich, mobile-marketing could help you, please contact our industry experts today on 0345 356 5758 or email us at [email protected].

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