The importance of communication in recruitment

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First impressions count when it comes to job hunting to both the candidate and the recruiter. In fact, 41% of candidates who have a poor experience will take their job search elsewhere. Just like consumers, they will share their experiences online – both the good and the bad, but, if you get it right, 78% will refer your business to someone else in the future.
A good experience hinges on communication. According to the same study:

  • 86% of candidates report that not receiving an application confirmation email leads to a bad impression
  • 22% of candidates who received an email said the communication was weak and inconsistent
  • 73% reported never having received a communication at all

A Facebook study found that 79% of people keep their phones with them 22 hours a day.  If you want to reach someone instantly, their phone is the way to do it. Consumer brands are learning this more and more but recruiters should be thinking the same way too.itris logo
That’s exactly why recruitment software provider, itris, integrated with Esendex. The itris system is packed full of rich functionality to help recruitment specialists manage their workflow and processes, increase efficiency and productivity as well as provide a better experience for recruiters and candidates alike. Their commitment to technology is shown in their mobile-first approach and dedicated mobile app.
For recruiters and employers, there is no faster or more efficient way of getting a message through to jobseekers than using SMS. While e-mail offers a suitable platform for sending attachments and lengthy content, nothing beats SMS for speed and responsiveness.
How SMS can help you:

  • Reminders for interviews and assessment days
  • Reach multiple contacts in bulk
  • Schedule phone appointments
  • Discreet method of communicating
  • Candidate experience and feedback surveys

Benefits to you and your team:

  • Less time wasted trying to make phone calls
  • Reduces interview/assessment centre no-show rates
  • Encourages 2-way candidate engagement with the use of a virtual mobile number

If you would like to find out more about the itris integration or how you can use SMS in recruitment, you can get in touch with our partners team on 0115 989 5122 or email [email protected].
If you’re already using itris you can sign up for a free trial here.

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