SMS Surveys: Yes or no?

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SMS Surveys, yes or no
The landscape of customer service has radically changed in the past decade. 59% of 25-34 year olds share poor customer service experiences online (source: New Voice Media), and 60% of consumers have higher expectations for customer service now than they did just one year ago (source: Parature).
It’s never been more important to proactively gather feedback from your customers to gauge their level of satisfaction with your product and/or service.
Customer satisfaction has always been important to businesses, but now it’s right at the top of the agenda; so it’s not surprising that SMS Surveys are becoming increasingly common.
Speaking with friends and family, it’s rare to hear of someone who’s never received an SMS Survey. More “traditional” survey types have left consumers numb to email, telephone and checkout requests for “5 minutes of their time,”..
The good news is…

…Our pockets are within easy reach

From retailers, charities and banks right through to airports, the adoption of SMS as a method of communication is becoming ever more popular for businesses who want higher levels of engagement and even better response rates. Why? Because it’s instant and 93% of us own and use an SMS-enabled mobile phone (source: Ofcom).
Why ask your customers to put pen to paper or trawl through a lengthy email to find a link to an online survey when they can pull their phones out their pockets and tap their touchscreens to give you a one-touch response?

Time for a chat?

The average response time of 90 seconds to a text message (source: Customer Think) indicates not only that SMS is a great tool to gather instant feedback, but also a great tool to engage in conversation.
Find out more about what makes your customers tick and who they really are. Invite them to give their unfiltered, honest opinion and make sure they know you value their business. It’s an opportunity to do more of what gathers rave reviews, and a chance to respond to negative feedback so you can turn their frown, upside down.
Use SMS as an opportunity to not only find out how well you did but also push something more suited to them, based on their response. A discount on a future purchase or a similar product perhaps.

Already collecting feedback and want to do it better?

Speed is key when responding to feedback and the instant delivery of SMS is one of the main advantages of this platform. Instant delivery means instant feedback and instant feedback should enable your business to act more quickly.
77% of customers state that SMS services help them feel as though they are cared about and in control of the services that they received (source: SAP SMS Advantage report 2014). SMS Surveys help you to process feedback with improved reporting and act quickly on any negative responses.
More granular results based on location, product purchased, agent or a unique identifier of your choosing allow you to target instances of positive or negative sentiment more clearly and focus on rewarding great outcomes or implementing changes where required.
Alerts which notify selected members of your team of positive or negative responses allow you to react in real-time, while improved reporting enables businesses to see raw data in a condensed manner.
Whether your challenge is maintaining your high level of performance or retaining customers, SMS Surveys open the doors for support, customer service and marketing in any industry. Learn more or contact our team on 0345 356 5758.

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