Esendex partners with StepChange to support people struggling with debt

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For many years, Esendex has been working closely with Financial Services, Utility companies, Telecommunications and the Public Sector, to help find sensitive, flexible and effective ways to bring customers out of debt. But it’s a growing problem; the Bank of England is projecting that 7.7% of people will be out of work by June 2021 if furlough schemes are not extended, and the conditions brought about by the pandemic do not improve.

More people out of work is likely to result in more people defaulting on payments and getting into arrears, and that’s where StepChange comes in. StepChange is a UK debt charity committed to helping customers get back in control of their finances. They offer free, impartial debt advice, and a broad range of solutions and payment plans to help remove the burden of debt from people, many of whom may be experiencing financial problems for the first time.

StepChange and Esendex’s missions are closely aligned, and working together will mean that more vulnerable people have access to the support they need.

How does the partnership work?

Esendex’s Mobile Collections solution is a combination of a powerful messaging strategy coupled with a simple, intuitive, mobile-first platform which allows recipients to make a secure payment via their phone, set up a payment plan, make a promise to pay, or start a text-based chat with an agent. It also can incorporate an income and expenditure assessment which helps recipients understand how much they can afford to pay.

If a recipient is identified as being vulnerable, and unable to pay, businesses can refer them to specialists like StepChange, who will work with each person to understand their individual circumstances, and find an appropriate solution to help them become debt free. While businesses are free to choose with whom they work on this, Esendex will offer StepChange as an easy ‘add on’ to Mobile Collections for businesses who are not currently working with a debt advice organisation.

James O’Hare, UK & I General Manager for Esendex, commented:

Esendex are proud to announce our latest partnership with StepChange. Together we will ensure all consumers interacting with our technology, messaging channels and portals are supported by an industry recognised brand, taking collections to a new level by introducing programmes of rehabilitation, and helping end users become financially independent and debt free.

Vanessa Northam, Head of Strategic Partnerships at StepChange, added:

As consumers seek to resolve their financial issues digitally, it’s vital that organisations ensure they have options and clear access to independent and free debt advice. StepChange is the leading provider of full omnichannel digital debt advice, and we’re pleased that organisations such as Esendex are embedding access to our services across their digital solutions.

If you are a business seeking help with ethical debt recovery, please speak to the Esendex team on 0345 356 5758, or via the link below. If you are an individual struggling with debt, please visit where you’ll receive specialist, one to one assistance.

GDPR Implications for Debt Collection

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