Get up close and personal with WhatsApp Business Platform

In a noisy and chaotic world of email, texts, posts, and tweets, communicating with your customers in a way that’s fast, effective and makes a real impact has never been more important…
Image of WhatsApp Business Platform with the title - Get up close and personal with your customers with WhatsApp Business Platform

About the research

In our recent survey, we asked 5,000 consumers from Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, the UK and the USA, about how and why they contact businesses and what channels they prefer to use.

The results highlight:

  • The untapped potential of WhatsApp
  • How consumers want a range of options when it comes to communicating with businesses
  • What frustrates and delights us when it comes to customer care       
  • How WhatsApp increases customer value and improves the chat to cart journey.

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“At Esendex, we support customers to deliver an omnichannel communication strategy which includes channels such as the WhatsApp Business Platform, SMS, RCS and many more.”

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