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Engage and convert with interactive mobile landing pages

Example of an SMS landing page

“We are extremely happy that we decided to use Esendex’s new Landing Page product for our sales campaign. Not only was it visually appealing and increased customer engagement, but it also drove increased footfall to our store. We were blown away by the results we witnessed from the Saturday Sale and are excited to use SMS Landing Pages for future campaigns.”


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What are SMS Landing Pages?

SMS Landing Pages are fully branded, personalised pages that are delivered directly to your customers’ mobile. They’re an engaging way to connect with customers through targeted SMS marketing, gather 1st party data or maximise conversions through product or promotional pages.

Our solution lets you design and build mobile-first landing pages that deliver the ultimate user experience.

No-code landing pages

Create a tailored SMS landing page without coding or web development know-how. Use drag-and-drop functionality to build effective landing pages at speed.

Rich messaging

Rich messaging allows you to include images and video content, interactive buttons, chatbots and more. Eye-catching and professional, your messages will build trust and keep customers engaged.


Customise mobile first SMS landing pages, include user friendly CTA buttons and ‘add to calendar’ and ‘get directions functionality.’


Track the links that are clicked and actions taken. Access detailed reporting and analytics to improve campaign performance and drive conversion.

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Industry use cases for SMS Landing Pages

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Revolutionise retail campaigns

SMS Landing Pages deliver the kind of retail experience you’d expect from a traditional website direct to your customers’ SMS inbox. Keep CTA’s relevant and information concise without the distractions of a conventional website. What’s more, you can receive payments by linking to a secure payment portal, thus creating an end-to-end customer journey within a single channel.

Two people holding money representing the finance industry.

Remove friction from finance

Finance customers have come to expect a digital-first approach to communications, and there’s growing pressure from online-only banks to deliver a first-class omnichannel experience. SMS Landing Pages offer a more engaging way to deliver customer statements, alerts and updates. Personalising communications is easy and doesn’t come with the cost traditionally associated with paper channels.

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Become the heroes of healthcare

In healthcare, it’s critical to ensure appointment reminders, alerts, and updates get to the right people at the right time. Postal mail is slow, unreliable and expensive. SMS Landing Pages drive efficiency; less time spent on the phone, fewer resources wasted on postal mail, and a substantial reduction in no-shows. Include call-to-actions such as “Save to Calendar,” “Call Us,” and interactive map buttons to streamline the patient journey.

Woman at home using mobile phone.

Match homeowners with their perfect property

Help your listings reach their full potential with Image-rich communications, contextualised call-to-actions, and an optimised mobile experience. Build automated flows that use tailored SMS landing pages to update potential buyers quickly and effortlessly when new properties hit the market and dispense with labour-intensive phone calls.

Improve CX for utility customers

Mobile-first utilities providers are on the rise as consumers don’t want to spend hours on the phone or trawling through websites to find information, update their account or pay bills. Traditional providers can vastly improve the customer experience with personalised SMS landing pages delivered to a mobile device. Customers can be updated on maintenance, appointments, and marketing at the appropriate time, without the need for inefficient postal campaigns, phone calls or emails.

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Drive repeat purchases

Proactively encourage repeat behaviour – whether that’s encouraging customers to rebook appointments (like car services or eye tests) or to restock their favourite item.
Landing Pages are the perfect choice when you need to provide information that cannot be covered by text alone and it’s an easy, quick and engaging option for your customers.

Leading furniture retailer in Northern Ireland, Moy Furniture needed to stand out in a busy market by delivering targeted, mobile-centric messaging to their customers.

With an SMS Landing Page, Moy Furniture substantially increased customer engagement. By delivering a genuine mobile experience Moy Furniture were no longer reliant on poor-performing email campaigns to drive sales.

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Send and receive SMS online or integrate into your existing website, app or software using our API.

Our SMS is fast, reliable and cost-effective so you can be up and running in minutes.

Efficient and simple to set up and use – choose from both one and two-way conversational messaging for bulk SMS of a hundred – or many thousands of messages.

Rich Messaging

Rich Messaging

 Create and send fully branded communication with rich multimedia, interactivity – think hi-res photos, videos, audio messages and more from your existing phone number.

Thanks to chatbot automation and two-way intelligent RCS (including WhatsApp) you benefit from app-like
functionality straight to SMS inboxes, without the need for additional software.



A poorly-designed IVR is hugely frustrating for customers. Work with our experts to customise your IVR and outbound voice services journey to improve CX.

Direct conversations, support positive and prompt navigation and encourage self-serve wherever it makes sense.

Mobile Journey

Mobile Journeys

Build mobile-first, secure experiences for payments, promotions, surveys, appointment scheduling and data collection.

Personalised, automated and fully branded – increase conversions and put power firmly in the hands of your customers or staff.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our Professional Services team can help you to ‘set and forget’ SMS automations. More importantly, they can help you to optimise them strategically and continually, for even greater business returns.

With in-depth knowledge across our full range of solutions, including mobile journeys, mobile collections and payments, mobile letters and forms and managed services, the team supports our customers with everything from simple one-way messaging to more complex workflows and solutions.

WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp Business Platform

Use the world’s most popular messaging app to connect with customers.

Support real-time, interactive customer care conversations, marketing, and transactional messages including alerts, updates, notifications and reminders.

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