Best Practice Guide: How to create an effective SMS Landing Page campaign

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SMS Landing Pages combine a visually appealing design with the impressive open rate of an SMS – and could seriously boost the conversion rate of your campaigns.
As the Product Owner for SMS Landing Pages, Natalie Wilding is well placed to give your campaign a head start, with her top tips. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: What is your favourite feature of SMS Landing Pages?

Personally I love the Call To Action buttons. With the ability to change the colour of the border, background and text, the user can make them as colourful as they want. I like the idea that something as simple as a button on a Landing Page can be a very valuable and powerful addition. It drives the recipient to interact with the brand in a more engaging way.

Q: What are your top tips for creating an effective SMS Landing Page campaign?

  1. Keep it simple. The end recipient wants something that is easy to read and simple to understand. Branding is great, but adding in too many colours can be distracting. I’ve seen brands send very successful campaigns by just using a simple white background with a few on-brand accent colours in the text
  2. Branding is important. Ensure that your logo is included in the web preview and that your brand colours are used throughout. A customer will instantly know that the message is from your company and be more willing to click through and open the Landing Page. We also find that this helps with brand trust for the recipient
  3. Explore your options! We’ve built a lot of great features into the Landing Page product, such as unique URL text, web preview and hex code colour options. If all of these features are used correctly, you’ll be sending visually appealing, professional messages that lead to a fantastic conversion rate
  4. Always do a test send first. As with any customer-facing communication, it’s always best to witness first-hand what your customer will be receiving, before sending out to the masses. This preview will also enable you to spot any typos or errors before sending out
  5. Don’t skimp on the SMS wording. Like an email subject line, the text the customer receives, prompting them to open the landing page, is the first thing they’ll see, so if it’s not well-worded, they’re less likely to click through

Q: What are the main benefits of SMS Landing Pages and why are they better than a standard SMS campaign?

For me, the biggest benefit is that it can drive increased engagement and interaction between a brand and their customers. There’s so much more for the end recipient to interact with on a Landing Page, from branding to colours, images and even Call To Action buttons.

What would be your advice to anyone unsure whether SMS Landing Pages is for them?

Try it! We’ve experienced a great deal of success with our early adopters. By working with us, you’ll get access to a powerful tool that very few of your competitors will be using.

What has been your favourite SMS Landing Page campaign and why?

I really loved working with Moy Furniture on their landing page campaign. It was a simple retail use case, sending out a landing page for a flash sale on furniture.
Their results were fantastic. The campaign was a standard sales campaign which they usually promote via SMS, however, they decided to opt for a trial of our Landing Page product. Moy Furniture experienced a record high, doubling the revenue they received from the trial campaign when compared to their previous SMS campaign.  
If you’d like to discuss how an SMS Landing Page campaign can help to improve your customer communication, simply get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

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