Customer experience management

Cultivate loyalty and increase ROI with mobile messaging

Esendex helps businesses create engaging mobile messaging journeys that improve customer experience by capturing attention, building trust and winning long-lasting loyalty.

Gain customer loyalty with engaging mobile messaging experiences

When 70% of buyers expect consistent experiences across all channels, and 63% of Gen Z buyers are willing to pay more for a great mobile experience, superior customer experience is no longer an added bonus – it’s a business necessity.

Esendex helps businesses master customer experience with intuitive mobile messaging that meets customers on their preferred communications channels, boosting satisfaction and increasing customer lifetime value.

Business-critical notifications

Deliver key updates straight to customer devices with SMS and rich channel service changes, product launches, events, emergency alerts and more.

Key delivery updates

Reduce support enquiry volumes with SMS and rich channel shipping alerts, tracking updates and returns management.

Automated SMS reminders

Remind customers of booked appointments and reduce the cost of no-shows with real-time SMS and rich channel notifications.

Omnichannel chat

Serve more customers, faster, across their preferred mobile platforms with easy-to-use omnichannel chat.

Tap into 2 decades of mobile messaging experience

We’re able to create compelling customer experiences because we understand the industry-specific communication challenges our customers face. We work collaboratively with you to build tailored communication solutions that solve your customer experience challenges.

Integrate seamlessly with legacy systems

Accelerate your customer experience transformation by integrating our communication solutions into legacy systems. Esendex helps you spend less time on integration and more time on your customers.

Improve customer satisfaction with automated mobile messaging

Give your customers access to the information and services they need, when they need it. Create and launch SMS automations that deliver shipping updates, exclusive offers and more, effortlessly engaging your audience whilst saving you hours of manual effort.

Improve caller experience by connecting agents to insightful data

Empower your agents to better serve your customers by giving them the data they need to deliver more personalised experiences. By connecting agents to order tracking information, SMS campaign history and more, Esendex helps customers spend less time with support and more enjoying your service.

Access always-on support

Our customer support and client service teams are on call to help with everything from building custom automation sequences, to creating SMS landing pages and increasing mobile campaign conversion. Whatever your business communication goals, we’re here to help you achieve them.

Customer success stories

Improving customer feedback rates 9x with SMS automations

Reducing no-show rates with appointment reminders and SMS rescheduling

Taking response rates from 5% to 40% by switching phone outreach to SMS

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