SMS for effective communication with customers and staff

SMS is the most reliable messaging channel, with a 95% open rate; it’s not surprising that it’s favoured by businesses across a wide range of industries from healthcare and finance, to utilities and retail.

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As a universal messaging service, SMS’ reach surpasses other communication channels, and with an impressive open rate of 95%, you can be confident that your message will be seen. With the flexibility to receive replies and integrate with your software applications, it’s highly versatile, too.

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Send and receive SMS

The Esendex SMS portal is the fastest and most effective way to send and receive SMS messages from any device connected to the internet. Send unique one-off texts to individual customers or send bulk SMS communications to groups of imported contacts in no time at all!



Integrate SMS into your existing services in minutes to transform how you communicate with customers in a matter of minutes.

Our intelligent API is available in cURL, C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Node, and Go, meaning you can start using engaging SMS communications quickly.


SMS chat

Using SMS chat can help divert simple queries away from phone lines and provide faster access to agents. In fact, 66% of consumers now prefer to text businesses, because it’s convenient, discreet and they can start and stop the conversation when it suits them.

SMS chat is a great way for your contact centres and customer service desks to enjoy fast, live two-way SMS conversations with customers.


SMS plugins

Take the hassle out of your communication, send automated SMS messages from third party software providers.

We’re already connected with a number of software partners and have a collection of easy-to-use plugins so you can get sending straight away.


Memorable 5 digit text numbers

An SMS Short Code can provide a convenient solution for a variety of purposes, including promotions, inquiries, surveys, mobile coupons, and more. The memorable nature of these codes ensures that customers and prospects can effortlessly reach out to you in an instant.


SMS landing pages

Add a little extra to your SMS campaigns with a fully branded and personalised landing page. Customise the URL and include handy CTA buttons to utilise mobile apps such as ‘add to calendar’ or ‘get directions’.

Our customers have seen an improvement in click-through rates and conversion rates with the simple addition of a landing page to their SMS communications.


Collect feedback

One in three businesses have never collected feedback from their customers. With customer experience driving brand loyalty, it has never been more important to understand your customers than now.

Esendex can help you collect feedback from customers and staff in a highly convenient and cost-effective way. Send SMS surveys to gain valuable insight that can shape the future of your business.


Email to SMS

Rather than logging into the Esendex platform to send messages, you can send SMS straight from your email account. This is ideal for keeping all of your messages in one place and requires little training to start sending straight away.

Any email client can be used, including Gmail and Microsoft Outlook so there’s zero training required.


SMS Automations

With Esendex Automations, there’s no need to upload sheets, connect to an API, or download new software.

Automate business communications, leveraging existing business systems and datasets.


Bulk SMS services for the UK

With bulk SMS, you can effortlessly reach out to customers, prospects, or subscribers with important announcements, promotional offers, updates, or any other relevant information in an instant. It’s the fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to send business communications.

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Looking for SMPP?

Do you prefer to use SMPP when connecting to SMS suppliers?  By connecting through the Esendex SMPP API, you will benefit from our direct connections, excellent customer service and message reporting – you’ll be connecting to our SMS platform in the way that suits you. It’s also good to know that we support SMS via the SMPP 3.4 protocol. For more information get in touch today!

The role of SMS in business communications


The open rate for marketing emails in the UK is just 18.39% – the second-lowest in Europe – whereas the open rate for marketing SMS is 95%.


55% of consumers prefer to be reminded of their appointments through SMS, compared with 35% for email. Businesses based on appointments or reservations can increase their revenues as much as 20% with well-executed appointment reminders.

4 in 10

Customer engagement is the biggest Covid-19 challenge for 4 in 10 finance firms. SMS offers a non-invasive and simple way to collect valuable feedback enabling businesses to better tailor and engage their customer base.

1 in 3

1 in 3 businesses say customer engagement is their biggest COVID-19 challenge. With 79% of the UK population owning a mobile phone, SMS messaging can be a great way to reach and engage your customer base quickly and affordably.


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90% of customers will not answer the phone to an unknown number. Consequently, using a branded SMS campaign will not only enable you to reach your customers quicker but also build brand trust

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