Mobile Journey

Design a more direct online journey for your customers, encourage conversions and the completion of specific tasks, removing unnecessary distractions along the way.

Mobile Journeys move customers from A to B in the easiest way possible, increasing  engagement rates in the process. Designed specifically for mobile, customers can be guided through any process – whether that’s making payments, completing a purchase, learning about your products, making appointments or reviewing offers and promotions.

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What do we mean by a Mobile Journey?

A Mobile Journey is simply the path we direct users along, to complete a specific task or set of tasks, from the comfort and familiarity of their mobile phone. 

Accessed from a link in a message, landing pages can be designed to match your brand’s identity and offer the same experience as a mobile app or web page.

And our platform is always on – and we’re always learning and improving – so you continually benefit from the latest technology on offer.

Why use mobile journeys?


46% of consumers now actively prefer using their mobile devices for the entirety of a purchase process (Adweek).


38% of customers who received a text message as part of an Esendex mobile collections strategy went on to make a payment via the web app.

Mobile Collections

Increase conversions and automate processes with our simple to use, award-winning tool for making and arranging payments. It’s simple for customers to use, and puts them in control of their finances, as well as providing you with payment and collection outcomes you need.

Mobile Letters

Reduce costs and the inefficiency of paper correspondence and increase open rates by sending digital letters/documents to your customers’ mobile devices. The secure document download tool for Mobile Journeys reduces administration and speeds up communications, while allowing end users to download a PDF document securely, from within a mobile web app with no additional software downloads required.

Mobile Forms

Gain valuable insight into how your product or service is performing, collect customer details, complete checklists, contracts, applications and more. Esendex mobile forms can automatically pull customer data from wherever it’s required, providing a reporting overview in highly customisable reports.

Mobile Payments

Create a transactional journey that’s convenient for customers and delivers secure and robust mobile payments. Instead of relying on post or time-consuming calls, Mobile Payments target customers’ mobile devices, delivering a personalised, fully-branded payment environment that’s less intrusive and simple to use.

Mobile Promotions

Mobile Journeys are an effective way for you to improve conversions rates through targeted mobile marketing and promotions. By using existing customer data, we’ll help you to create highly visual, fully-branded and personalised customer journeys to maximise engagement.

Online Web Payments

Customers want to make payments in a way that’s fast, secure and convenient – and increasingly online.  Our secure, PCI compliant 24/7 payment portal is designed to reduce waiting times and provides a valuable self-serve customer option. The portal also reduces FTE so your team is free to focus on more complex and value-add tasks.

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Having been notified of an outstanding balance or payment (using either Esendex SMS, or Email) a customer is then linked to your Mobile Journey to make a payment.

At authentication, customers verify their identity before proceeding to a fully branded payment environment.

The fully PCI compliant Mobile Journey then guides customers through a simple process of entering their payment amount plus their preferred payment method details. Collated payment information is also provided through tailored analysis and reporting.


By using Mobile Journeys, you design a customisable survey environment complete with buttons, sliders and free type fields, that’s engaging for respondents while providing you with valuable business intelligence in real time.

Find out how your staff feel –  or what customers think about your product and services. Learn about areas of your business that need improving and where you’re scoring highly.


Deliver mobile-focused marketing and promotions that can be tailored to individual customers. Launch products, announce new store openings or flash sales, send discounts to loyal customers, design smoother shopping journeys or drive more traffic to your stores and website.

Data Collection

Mobile Journeys help you to move entirely to mobile data collection and reporting.

Create fully branded, intelligent forms to automatically pull customer data from wherever it’s needed and pull it into your existing systems and processes.

Collect customer details and requirements, complete checklists, contracts and applications and reduce the administrative time spent gathering and collating.

Meter Readings

Mobile Journeys provide a convenient way for your customers to supply accurate meter readings via mobile, without the need to speak to a call centre agent.

A utility provider sends customers an SMS with a link to a Mobile Journey. Once selected, the customer is asked to validate their identity and enter their meter reading. The information collected is then fed directly into your in-house CRM system and the process is complete.

Arrange Appointments

Allow customers to self-serve and reduce switchboard mayhem.

Mobile Journeys can interact with your existing booking system to provide your customer with available appointment options from within a fully branded environment.

Once a selection has been made, information can then be passed back to your system to update the customer’s appointment details. An SMS confirmation of the new appointment can also be sent directly to your customer.

PCI compliant payments

We’ll process, store and transmit credit card information securely.

Corporate branding

Use your branding, fonts and imagery to maintain a consistent corporate identity.

Barcode / QR code support

Provide discount codes and vouchers which can be scanned at checkout.

Video / support

Integrate video content to improve engagement.

Secure file upload

Support the upload of customer photos and other digital files to a secure location.

Google Maps integration

Allow your customers to locate points of interest (such as your bricks and mortar stores) by integrating maps.

Calendar integration

We’ll process, store and transmit credit card information securely.

Employ a multichannel strategy

Combine with other Esendex channels for a consistent and customer-focused communication strategy.

Stop sending paper correspondence to your customers

The secure document download tool for Mobile Journeys reduces cost and speeds up communications, while allowing for secure PDF document downloads from within a mobile web app which doesn’t require installation.

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