The next generation of internal staff communications.

Professional, two-way, automated SMS & Voice solutions that improve staff management.

Integrated messaging with SMS, Voice, Mobile and Web

Seamless integration for API automation.

Build SMS into your existing application or staff management software in minutes, with the Esendex self-service API and our range of SDKs. Our API businesses enables businesses, like yours, to automatically send text messages that are perfectly aligned with the way you already work.

Dynamic originators, short codes or long numbers

Brand outgoing messages with your company's name, suitable for key announcements, or with a chosen long number or short code for so that your staff members know who is contacting them to attract faster replies. Your originator can include up to 11 alpha-numeric characters.

Persoanlised call flows from esendex
SMS messages with a 'from'' address

Real-time, intelligent two-way communication 

Enable mission critical messages to be delivered and responded to within real-time thanks to the super fast delivery times and the better response rates associated with SMS. Combine with Esendex Voice Broadcasting to create a more intelligent solution to ensure your member of staff gets the message while on-the-go.

Message scheduling for convenience

Plan your messages or broadcasts to your employees ahead of time by scheduling overtime campaigns, rotas or announcements to tie in with key events or gain better control over responses for maximum efficiency.

Sending SMS messages is easy
SMS messages with a 'from address'

Track your messages

Receive Push Notifications directly into your integrated app or software which tell you whether your messages have either arrived at its destination, failed to arrive or when you have received a message from somebody else.

Lower costs.
Boost productivity.
Increase revenue.
Build lasting relationships with your workforce

Despite the advances technology has bought to daily routines many businesses are still only adopting SMS and Mobile as a means of marketing. However, using both to form closer connections with your employees is just as, if not more personal, affordable and efficient. Emails can sit in inboxes unread for hours, perhaps even days. A text message or automated broadcast can be received and processed in seconds.

As our primary way of staying connected with the world, incorporating Mobile solutions into your corporate communications could improve relationsips, morale and productivity helping to build a much better organisation.


Use for:

  • Company announcements
  • Recognition and motivation
  • HR & Recruitment
  • Shift management
  • Staff rostering & rotas
  • Overtime availability
  • Emergency alerts
"86% of employees say SMS shouldn't just be reserved for customer communications"



An example of a text message for overtime

Killer staff communication stats

    Employees who are more connected to their company are 20-25% more productive. 
  2. Almost 70% of employees think their organisation should be using SMS to communicate with them. 
  3. Less than 50% of companies offer text messaging as a communication tool 
    (One Reach)

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